Victor E. Holloman, PE Expert Witness

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General Specialties:

Accident Reconstruction and Biomechanics

Specialty Focus:

Accident reconstruction, Biomechanics, Event Data Recorder (EDR) Analysis, Engine Control Module (ECM) Analysis, Low speed analysis, Site survey, Vehicle damage analysis, Photogrammetry, Acceleration force analysis, Delta-V determination, Momentum analysis, Lane change analysis


B.S., Missouri University of Science & Technology; M.S., University of Houston-Clear Lake City

Years in Practice:


Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs:


Additional Information

Registered professional engineer with extensive training in accident reconstruction and biomechanics, including traumatic brain injury, acceleration, force analysis, crash scene investigation, crash data retrieval data analysis. As a registered professional engineer with an excellent background in accident reconstruction and biomechanics, Mr. Holloman has performed accident reconstruction for over twenty-five years. Over the past several years Mr. Holloman has worked a number of commercial vehicle (18 wheeler) cases involving automobiles and pickup trucks and provided computer renderings of accident scenarios and time/distance analysis. His consulting specialties are commercial (18 wheeler), private vehicle and forklift accident reconstruction, biomechanics, fatigue failure analysis, mechanical failure analysis, and machine tools failure analysis. Mr. Holloman also has trial and deposition testimony experience, having testified in trial or deposition in over 25 cases. Mr. Holloman’s continuing education includes courses in biomechanics, commercial vehicle accident reconstruction I & II, commercial vehicle accident investigation course, forklift operation and safety, OSHA compliance and event data retrieval report analysis. Mr. Holloman has given presentations on insurance fraud and motor vehicle collisions to the Texas Farm Bureau, and commercial vehicle accident reconstruction to the American Association for Justice (AAJ) and the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association.