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Software Engineering and Intellectual Property

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Software Industry, Source Code, Software Patents, Software Trade Marks, Software Antitrust, Software Trade Secrets, Source Code Review, Source Code Comparison, Source Code Misappropriation, Open Source Licensing, Source Code, Computer Forensics


Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Cum Laude, Texas A&M University; Substantial graduate level course work, University of Texas

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Additional Information

Monty G. Myers is the founder and CEO of Eureka Software Solutions, Inc. Mr. Myers, with the support of his team at Eureka, has served as a testifying and consulting software expert witness in over 135 software trade secret, patent, and other technology related cases in both state and federal court. After over 35 years in business, Eureka is a leading project-oriented, custom software development company based in Austin, Texas. Eureka has built software products and business solutions for an impressive client list which includes members of the Global 1000, Fortune 500, notable private companies, and numerous high-profile start-up organizations. Eureka has a highly successful track record providing state-of-the-art software solutions on a variety of technology platforms. Eureka has enjoyed great business success and has received multiple achievement awards. As the leader of Eureka, Mr. Myers is truly a practicing industry expert. He excels at many expert roles including software expert witness, software trade secret expert witness, software patent expert witness, and source code expert witness. See Eureka's expert witness website for a list of all 135+ of Monty's cases. Capabilities/Resources: • Software and computer expert witness experienced and proven at offering expert testimony under-oath at trial, hearings, and depositions. • Extensive work with counsel in the taking and defending of depositions, reviewing, and challenging the testimony of others, and assisting with and implementing an overall trial presentation strategy. • Adept at taking highly technical material and effectively communicating it to counsel, the judge, or a jury in terms they can understand. • Ready availability of Eureka’s experienced team of software developers and IT forensic specialists as needed to analyze or recreate relevant software or hardware platforms or scenarios. • Regular use of proprietary and licensed tools and software to assist with source code analysis and performance testing, load testing, data recovery and extraction, metadata review and management, and e-discovery. • Experience performing analyses supporting matters involving alleged evidence destruction where negative inferences, death penalty sanctions, or other relief is sought by a party. Practical Implementations of Expertise: • Review and comparison of software source code and functionality in relation to contractual commitments and requirements and/or protected intellectual property including, trade secrets, copyrights, and patents. • Computer/software forensics – able to reverse engineer and reconstruct hardware and software environments from backups, remnants, and fragments of deprecated software. Eureka IT and Software development team is skilled at re-creating historical hardware and software environments. • Investigation and assessment of software project bidding, planning and performance with particular attention to adequacy of discovery, specifications, cost estimates, schedules, and deliverables. • Functional and performance testing of software against applicable specifications, warranties or industry standards using proprietary and commercial testing tools and techniques. • Evaluation and use of both traditional and modern software development techniques and strategies, including creative payment structures related to software application/effort valuation and intellectual property licensing and ownership. • Reviewing and exercising software applications and IT networks to expose and correct security issues and weaknesses. Applicability of Expertise: • Source Code Review • Source Code Comparison • Source Code Reconstruction • Source Code Misappropriation / Theft • Source Code Copyright / Patents • Software Patents • Trade Marks • Software Trade Secrets • Antitrust • NDAs • Open Source Licensing • Computer Forensics • Mobile / Wireless Technology • Cloud and Web Business • Hardware / Infrastructure • Contract Performance / Project Management