John M Fildes, Ph.D. Expert Witness
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Chemistry & Chemicals and Metallurgy

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Product Failures, Accidents, Analytics, Materials, Chemical, Chemical Processes, Friction, Wear, Coatings, Corrosion, Composites, Ceramics, Carbon Monoxide Detectors; Product Design, Aviation, Buildings Materials, Adhesives, Roadway Materials, R&D, Expert Witness


Ph.D., Va. Polytechnic Institute and State University; B.S., Georgetown University

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Additional Information

Dr. Fildes has extremely strong problem-solving and analytical skills, excellent communications abilities, and decades of experience of successfully conveying, with credibility and confidence, highly technical issues to laypeople. He successfully tackles challenging technical problems and often sees key issues and devises approaches, which others have missed, through a combination of vast experience, extensive technical knowledge, skilled use of analytics, creativity, an excellent understanding of testing and analysis, and strong project planning and management capabilities. • A doctoral-level scientist who has organized, written proposals, conducted, and managed $27.5 million in funded projects including research, development, litigation expert witness investigations, and collaborations involving Government labs, large defense companies, and leading universities with funding from the Army, Navy, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Technology Reinvestment Program), The Great Lakes Composites Consortium, the Gas Research Institute, the Electric Power Research Institute, First Alert, ABB, Westinghouse, Bell Helicopter, the Illinois Technology Development Authority, the State of Illinois, and others. • An expert in materials science, advanced composite materials, materials processing including process sensors and controls, materials compatibility, materials selection, protective coatings and lubricants, decorative coatings, coatings fabrication, semiconductor materials, gas sensors, tribology (the science of friction and wear), materials property modeling, corrosion, statistics, and experimental design. • A uniquely qualified litigation expert witness whose extensive scientific experience coupled with broad experience with product and process design processes, the conduct of research and development, and innovation management, provides comprehensive insight of both the technical issues and their relation to R&D and design issues; specialization throughout his career on the role that materials contribute to the limitations and failures of products and systems. • Formal training in chemistry, physics, thermodynamics, and materials.