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Workers' Compensation Insurance, Work Comp Premiums, Excess Premiums, overcharge, compliance auditing, experience modification factor, Schedule Adjustment, Schedule Rating, Retrospective, Deductible, Guaranteed Cost, overcharge


BA, Metropolitan State University; MBA, St. Thomas University; CIGC, IIT

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I am a co-founder of Synergetic Solutions, Inc., an auditing firm specializing in the rules that govern the development of workers’ compensation insurance premiums, experience modification factors, and other factors that are used to develop premium. Synergetic Solutions contracts with companies that purchase workers’ compensation insurance. We audit the contracts/policies between the insurance provider and the company who purchased workers insurance. The purpose of our audit is to determine if the company who purchased the workers’ compensation insurance was overcharged. When overcharges are identified, Synergetic Solutions helps recover the overcharges. Synergetic Solutions was founded in 1996 and has contracted with more than 2,500 companies throughout the United States. Synergetic Solutions’ peak employment level was about forty. I estimate Synergetic Solutions performed more than 15,000 workers’ compensation insurance policy, and experience modification factor audits. I have been the president and CEO of Synergetic Solutions since its founding in 1996. I have a BA from Metropolitan University and an MBA from The University of St. Thomas, and lots of experience. Prior to founding Synergetic Solutions, I worked for a fortune 500 company in the energy field. I developed, negotiated, and administered multimillion dollar contracts for the purchase of high-risk equipment (e.g., nuclear fuel storage devices), power generation equipment (e.g., turbine generators), and on-site service contracts (e.g., labor contracts for turbine generator repair, and system wide temporary employer contracts). Prior to my contracting years, I was a certified nuclear quality assurance auditor. I performed onsite operational audits as well as procedural audits of nuclear power plants and their suppliers. Many of the audits were conducted to assure compliance with regulation, company commitments, and internal procedures. The nuclear industry is highly regulated as is the workers’ compensation insurance industry.