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Blasting and Explosives and Mining

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Construction, Mining, Blasting, Explosives, Drilling,


BSCNE, Purdue; ASSBCT, Purdue

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PROFESSION: Mining/Construction Blasting; Explosive Engineering; Blasting Consulting; Claims Investigation; Expert Witness EDUCATION: BS Construction Engineering (Civil) 1985, Purdue University Associates in Applied Science Building Construction Technology 1983, Purdue University LICENSES/PERMITS: ATF License Number (18 U.S.C. Chapter 40) 4-IN-061-33-0C-00812 KY Permit to Purchase or Receive Explosives (Renewed Annually) IN Regulated Explosive Use - Operator PSID # 8186-6097 IN Regulated Explosive Use - Blaster PSID # 8186-6097 DMRE Explosives and Blasting Branch - KY Blasters License #9869 CERTIFICATION: MSHA Miner ID: MIIN – M70515220 Office of Surface Mining Blaster Certificate# OSM-942-0066 IN Dept. of Natural Resources Certification #660 Seismograph Operation Certification - Nomis Digital Seismographs E.I.T. Certification, Indiana No. 86850 EXPLOSIVE FIELDS OF EXPERIENCE: Multi-disciplined including surface, underground and under water blasting; Controlled blasting techniques including Line drilling, pre-splitting and cushion blasting; Specific blasting experience including non-metal/coal surface mining, highway construction, municipal projects, commercial and private development site work, “close-in” urban blasting, shaft sinking, tunnel and trench blasting. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Rotary-percussion track drill operation; Electric / non-electric detonation systems and sequential blasting techniques; Blasting plan preparation and implementation; Blast design optimization and peak particle velocity prediction; Post blast particle velocity and air- over-pressure analysis; Blasting claim investigation and mediation. LITIGATIVE SUPPORT EXPERIENCE: Expert witness litigation support and testimony involving subrogation actions, binding arbitration, blasting damage (due to transient vibration and flyrock), bodily injury and fatalities. Blasting Claims & Litigative support services have been provided for cases in the following States: • Alabama • Florida • Georgia • Idaho • Indiana • Iowa • Kentucky • New York • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • Tennessee • Vermont • Washington • West Virginia