William N. Bernstein, AIA, NCARB, Leed@AP Expert Witness
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  • Company: Empire Projects, Inc. / Bernstein & Associates, Architects
  • Phone: (212) 463-0800
  • Cell: (917) 747-2924
  • Website: www.empireprojects.com

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Architecture and Construction

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ADA, Architect, Architectural Design, Architecture, Construction, Doctors’ Offices, Healthcare Architecture, Healthcare Design, Healthcare Construction, Hospital Architecture, Hospital Design, Hospital Construction, Hotels, Laboratories, Medical Offices, Offices, Premises Liability, Residential


Master of Architecture, Yale University; Bachelor of Architecture, University of Toronto

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Additional Information

Mr. Bernstein is a Yale-trained and registered architect, LEED accredited, with over 40 years of experience in the industry. He is the Founder/President of an architecture firm (Bernstein & Associates, Architects, www.bernarch.com, 1990-present) and a project management firm (Empire Projects, Inc., www.empireprojects.com, 2003-present). Mr. Bernstein offers multi-faceted expertise in the areas of architecture, design and construction. He is a member of the American Institute of Architect, Construction Specifications Institute, and Project Management Institute. He is the author of two books on architecture and has written or had written about him over (50) articles on architecture and construction. He has provided expert witness services on (26) cases which includes (3) new cases (as of May 2023). These cases have been located across the United States as well as internationally. Mr. Bernstein is an intelligent, articulate, and well-spoken professional. His professional experience as the President of an architecture firm and also President of a Construction Management Firm, covers a wide range of project types and cases, including: ADA, Apartment Architecture, Apartment Design, Apartment Construction, Architect, Architectural Design, Architecture, Bank Architecture, Bank Design, Bank Construction, Behavioral Healthcare Architecture, Behavioral Healthcare Design, Behavioral Healthcare Construction, Building, Change Orders, Condo Architecture, Condo Design, Condo Construction, Construction, Construction Defects, Construction Scheduling, Construction Claims, Construction Change Orders, Coop Architecture, Coop Design, Coop Construction, Doctors’ Offices Architecture, Doctors’ Offices Design, Doctors’ Offices Construction, Errors And Omissions, General Contractor, GMP, Healthcare Architecture, Healthcare Design, Healthcare Construction, Hospital Architecture, Hospital Design, Hospital Construction, Hotel Architecture, Hotel Design, Hotel Construction, Laboratory Architecture, Laboratory Design, Laboratory Construction, Long Term Care Architecture, Long Term Care Design, Long Term Care Construction, Medical Office Architecture, Medical Office Design, Medical Office Construction, Office Architecture, Office Design, Office Construction, Pharmacy Architecture, Pharmacy Design, Pharmacy Construction, Premises Liability, Radiology Architecture, Radiology Design, Radiology Construction, Rehab Facility Architecture, Rehab Facility Design, Rehab Facility Construction, Residential Architecture, Residential Design, Residential Construction, Restaurant Architecture, Restaurant Design, Restaurant Construction, Retail Architecture, Retail Design, Retail Construction, Skilled Nursing Architecture, Skilled Nursing Design, Skilled Nursing Construction, Standard of Care, Townhouse Architecture, Townhouse Design, and Townhouse Construction.