Sameer Singh Somal, CFA, CFP, CAIA Expert Witness
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Defamation and Intellectual Property

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Internet defamation, cyber defamation, online reputation, digital marketing, defamation damages, online defamation, reputation management, search engine optimization, seo, public relations, Patent Infringement, Cyber investigation, Media communications law, IP Damages, intellectual property, ipr, ip


Finance Accounting, Georgetown University

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• Vilma Nokaj v. North East Dental Management, LLC, formerly known as Garden State Dental Management, LLC, d/b/a Family Dental Group, Dr. Michal Gelbart, Dr. Fred Friedman, Dr. Lawrence Stein, Virginia Wicke, Carolyn Totillo, Justine Antonatos, and Maria Farides Also referred to as Nokaj v. NEDM, et al Court: United States District Court, Southern District of New York • Atmosphere Hospitality Management, LLC, v. ZelJkaCurtullo, Shiba Investments Inc., and Karim Merali Court: United States District Court, South Dakota Western Division • Iryna Boyko v. Benny The Bum’s Restaurant and Vladimir A. Mosendz Court: Court of Common Pleas Philadelphia County • K.G.S., individually, and as Guardian and Next Friend of Baby Doe v., Inc., d/b/a The Huffington Post; MirahRiben; David G. Kennedy; The Kennedy Law Firm; Amber Geislinger; WALA-TV; Meredith Corp.; WBRC, LLC; Raycom Media, Inc.; and Fictitious Parties “A-Z,” Court: Circuit Court of Jefferson County • Susan Edwards v. Aegis Wealth Group, LLC dba Everspire, and Gerilyn Merrill Court: Third Judicial District Court, Salt Lake County, State of Utah • Christopher Brown v. Damon Dash; Poppington LLC d/b/a Dame Dash Studios; The Dash Group LLC; and Raquel Horn Court: United States District Court, Central District of California • Monique Bunn v. Damon Anthony Dash, Dame Dash Studios d/b/a Poppington LLC, Raquel Horn and The Dash Group LLC Court: United States District Court, Southern District of New York • John Cooksey v. Roosevelt Benford Court: Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division, Camden County • Adam M Ludwin, Esq., Ludwin Law Group, P.A., & Joanna Zeitlin, Plaintiffs v. Matthew B. Proman, A/K/A Matt Proman Court: United States District Court, Southern District of Florida • Lawrence A. Dordea v. Maggie Freleng, Obsessed Network, LLC., Sue L. Gless Thorne, John W. Hardin & Jason C. Baldwin Court: Court of Common Pleas, Civil Division, Stark County, Ohio • Aris Hines & Brandi Thomason v. Terry S. Johnson, individually and in his Official capacity as Sheriff of Alamance County, Randy Jones, in his official capacity as Deputy Sheriff of Alamance County, John Doe Corporation, in its capacity as Surety on the Official Bond of the Sheriff of Alamance County, NGM Insurance Company, and Doe Deputies 1-10 Court: United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, Greensboro Division • Rick Dobbins & Kate Preston v. Raul Harris & Desert State Mortgage. LIC in the Superior Court for The State of Arizona, in and for The County of Maricopa. • Jay Lopez v. OFC. Collins, et. al, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division.