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Repossession, Towing, Tow Truck, Auto Repossession, Commercial Repossession, Equipment Repossession, Asset Management, Collateral Recovery, Recovery Agent, Repossessor, Repossession Agent, Breach of Peace, Wrongful Repossession, Tow-Truck, Towtruck.

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Considered the nation's leading authority on the repossession process. Mark Lacek has conducted automobile and commercial vehicle repossessions for over 45 years. Lacek has been retained to testify on professional repossession and towing industry standards. Lacek has been retained as an expert on repossession training policies and procedures. Lacek has testified in the courtroom on repossession industry standards. Lacek has provided training seminars and teaches on repossession certification and how to avoid litigation resulting in breaching the peace during the self-help repossession process across the country. Lacek has written and taught seminars on when a repossessor should retreat during a repossession and how to avoid a confrontation with a debtor. Lacek has provided seminars on when a repossessor should discontinue the repossession and come back at a later time and when the repossessor must discontinue all recovery efforts when anyone objects to the repossession. Lacek has testified on the standards the loan company should follow when hiring a repossession company. Lacek has testified on training procedures a repossession company should follow prior to putting the repossessor on the street. Lacek has worked as a heavy-duty tow truck operator as well as medium and light duty towman. Lacek has been retained on towing and repossession standards. Lacek has personally towed thousands of vehicles. Mark Lacek is the author of one of the only repossession industry commercial repossession certification programs (CCRA) offered by the Recovery Industry Service Company (RISC) which also provides the C.A.R.S repossession certification program accepted in 50 States considered "the Bible" when it comes to repossession standards and certification. Lacek is the founder, publisher, and editor of the Professional Repossessor Magazine which published monthly for seven years. Lacek has written a monthly column in two of the nations most respected Towing publications for over 10 years. Lacek has been featured on The Discovery Channel show "The Repossessors". Repossessor-1980-Present. Owner-MDL & Associates, Inc. Repossession company 1989-2009. Owner-Commercial Asset Solutions, Inc. 2009-Present. Duties include training new Agents, maintaining professional standards, understanding breach of the peace rules and wrongful repossession, has personally repossessed over 20,000 assets. Author-Certified Commercial Recovery Agent National Training Program (CCRA). Owner, Publisher, Editor-Professional Repossessor Magazine, monthly printed magazine for the Repossession Industry, 1997-2004. Author-American Towman Magazine monthly column; eight years. Author-Tow Times Magazine column; two years. Past President-Florida Association of Licensed Recovery Agents, 400+ members. Repossession Seminar and Keynote Speaker at Repossession Industry Conferences and Conventions. Repossession Seminars at Towing Conferences and Conventions. Keynote Speaker at the Remarketing Solutions Seminar addressing over 400 Repossessors. Worked with the Director of the Division of Licensing in Florida under the Secretary of State Sandra Mortham to help with the method of training of Recovery Agents. Worked with the Florida Department of State in the process of putting together the current examination to become a licensed Florida Recovery (Repossession) Agent. Invited by the Murphy Law Group to speak at the CONSUMER RIGHTS LITIGATION CONFERENCE in Tampa, Florida. Recognized as a Professional in the Repossession of all types of assets, by many publications including OverDrive Magazine, NEFA (National Equipment Finance Association Magazine), Tow Times Magazine, American Towman Magazine, as well as newspapers across the country. Featured on the Discovery Channel three times as a Repossessor of all types of assets. Accepted as the Expert Witness on repossession and towing Industry litigation over 35 times and has courtroom jury testimony experience.