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Architecture and Building Inspection

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Personal Injury, Forensic Architecture, Built Environment, Construction Defects as it relates to Personal Injury.


Bachelor of Architecture, Dean's List, Pratt Institute ; Masters of Architecture, Summa Cum Laude, University of Washington; Various Programs, Harvard University

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Additional Information

Stan Mitchell has served as an expert in over 500 litigation cases throughout the United States. He provides a singular expertise in the following areas: • Personal injury cases involving building/facility components such as: sidewalks and curbs; walkways; stairs, bleachers, and dropoffs; parking lots and wheel stops; windows and roofs; and guardrail/handrail installations. • Building/construction failure issues; technical problems with homes and buildings. • Defect disclosure issues in the real estate purchase/selling process. Stan Mitchell is retained and utilized by both plaintiff and defense attorneys and contributes superior technical skills and a deep knowledge of building technology and codes that are practiced through continued active work in the field. **The number of cases that we have worked on is 200+ since 2008. We do not believe that the number of times we have been deposed/testified in court accurately depicts our advanced level of expertise. It usually is in the best interest for Attorneys to not go to court or deposition; our comprehensive reports have helped to avoid the inconvenience of going to court and can pave the way for a quick settlement. The number of times we have been required to testify in court and deposition is low due to the quality of our work.