Nick Barreiro, BAC, AVFA, DIVRT Expert Witness
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Video and Audio

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video forensics, video enhancement, video analysis, forensic video, audio forensics, audio enhancement, audio analysis, forensic audio, voice forensics, voice enhancement, image forensics, image enhancement


Certified Audio Video Forensic Analyst, Electronic Technicians Association; Certificate - National Center for Media Forensics, University of Colorado, Denver; Police Academy, Yuba College Administration of Justice; Bachelor's in Communications, University of California, Davis

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Principle Forensics is a national media forensics laboratory. We recover, authenticate, enhance, and analyze all types of recorded evidence, including video, audio, and digital images. And we back all our work with experienced, highly trained, expert testimony. Nick Barreiro, BAC, AVFA, DIVRT, is a certified Audio Video Forensic Analyst and the founder of Principle Forensics.  He is an FBI-trained member of the Digital Imaging and Video Recovery Team.  Mr. Barreiro works with attorneys representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil or criminal matters in which audio, video, or image evidence plays a key role.  He has extensive experience on the witness stand and has enhanced and analyzed digital media from simple slip-and-fall cases and minor traffic accidents to complex investigations such as homicides and officer-involved shootings.  He has testified 100s of times in criminal cases, civil cases, arbitrations, and depositions. Mr. Barreiro holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of California at Davis.  He has received advanced training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation, the California Department of Justice, the Central California Intelligence Center, the Department of Homeland Security, Resolution Video, and the University of Colorado Denver.  He is an active member of the International Association for Identification, Audio Engineering Society, and Electronics Technicians Association International.