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Telecommunications and Software Engineering

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cell tower records, call detail records, call records, historical cell site analysis, cell site location information, CSLI, CAST, cellhawk, sting-ray, drt box, GPS, coverage, patents, software, telecom, cellphones, triangulation, SIMs


BE, Electrical Engineering, Georgia Tech; MS, Computer Science, Georgia Tech

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Additional Information

David's areas of expertise are telecommunications, radio-location, radio-navigation, cellular networks, and cellphone intercept and tracking systems. He has more than 20 years of experience practicing in these areas in both commercial and military/LI applications. David was the primary author of OpenBTS, a widely used tool for cellular technology education, cellphone testing, cellular security research, and basic cellular service in some public networks. He developed the signal analysis and target location algorithms and software for cellphone tracking systems used successfully by US special forces in combat operations, and worked on several US government projects in the area of telecommunications intelligence collection.