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  • Company: University of Florida
  • Phone: (601) 466-1235
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Interventional & Vascular Radiology and Radiology

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IVC filter, DVT, Pulmonary Embolism, blood clot, TIPS, AVM, embolization, Y90, TACE, IRE, nanoknife, cryoablation, microwave ablation, stents, dialysis procedures, biliary and urinary interventions, vertebroplasty/ kyphoplasty, endovascular procedures, biopsy, drainage, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, PET scan


MD, University of Florida

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I am a dual board certified and fellowship trained Vascular and Interventional Radiologist. I am a clinical assistant professor at the University of Florida. I have experience in private practice prior to academic practice. I also have prior expert witness experience. I currently work at a large Level 1 trauma center, and my hospital is also a regional liver and kidney transplant center. I have a large experience with TIPS and cirrhosis / portal hypertension. I also have experience with liver transplant complications. A portion of my practice is devoted to treating DVT and PE. I perform DVT thrombectomy and IVC filter placement and retrieval. I have experience with complex IVC filter retrieval including removal of IVC filters protruding into the aorta (artery), bowel, and spine. I have removed “permanent” filters as well as fragmented/broken filters. I have experience with thrombolysis for DVT/PE. I also perform endovascular reconstruction of occluded veins including stenting. I have a strong interventional oncology practice, and I perform ablations including IRE (irreversible electroporation, aka “nanoknife”), cryoablation, microwave ablation, and bone RFA ablation. I regularly treat patients with rare sarcomas. I perform Y90 radioembolization (selective internal radiation therapy), TACE (transarterial chemoembolization), and bland embolization. I treat a number of cancers including hepatocellular carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, metastatic colorectal cancer, neuroendocrine metastasis, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other rare cancers. I place ports for chemotherapy. I perform embolization and sclerotherapy of AVMs (arterial venous malformations), low flow venous malformations, venolymphatic malformations, hemangiomas, etc. I continue to practice diagnostic radiology as well, and I regularly interpret radiology exams including xray, ultrasound, MRI, and CT. I have experience with PET/CT with my oncology patients.