Randy A Winters Expert Witness
Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

  • Additional States: Massachusetts
  • Company: MatrixHCI, LLC
  • Phone: 210-410-3628
  • Cell: 210-410-3628
  • Fax: 877-424-9918
  • Website: www.matrixhci.com
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Software Engineering and Aviation & Aerospace

Specialty Focus: Speech Recognition, Facial Recognition, Software Architecture, Software, Code Review, Real-time, UI, Air Traffic Control Speech Recognition, Flight Deck Speech Recognition, IPR, Patent, Software Security, Firmware, OS, Patent infringement, Depositions, Trade Secret, Aviation, Flight Deck, ATC

Education: Master of Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon Universsity

Years in Practice: 30

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 5

Additional Information

- Mr. Winters has been in expert in speech recognition development since the early 1990’s until present and meets the qualifications for POSITA in most desired time periods with experience extending to present. - He has also served as CTO, CEO and President of various companies that have built multiple products winning several National Awards and have patents in the US and abroad. - He also has voice recognition-based browsing systems development 
experience as well as web crawling development experience. 
 - Mr. Winters has experience with Siri, Goggle's and Samsung's speech rec as well as CMU's Sphinx. - Mr. Winters has 30 years of computer development experience developing private sector products for companies like Microsoft, Apple, Hewlett-Packad, Fujutsu, Epson, Boeing, Honeywell, Air Force Research Labs (AFRL). - He has a Master of Software Engineering Graduate Degree from Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU) (later in his career in 2002). - Mr. Winters is also the former Director of Advanced Development for Novell, Inc. The inventor of computer networking.- 
 - He also has 30 years experience in the private development sector and also taught for CMU’s Master of Software Engineering Program teaching and developing their graduate core classes for several years and has a close connection also to CMU’s Linguistics department. - He also taught Software Engineering at Brigham Young University in Hawaii for several years.
 -Mr. Winters has been an expert witness in many speech recognition-related cases to include IPR, patent infringement cases, as well as defending a cases where companies were sud for not having speech recognition to help the ADA community.
 - Mr. Winters is an experienced expert with 30 years of seasoned software development/archicture and business executive experience - He is also familiar with developing on Windows. OS X, Linux, Android-based and IOS systems in C, C++, C#, Java, Objective C. JavaScript and more.