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Software Engineering, AI, Privacy, Forensics, IPR

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  • Additional States: California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York
  • Company: MatrixHCI, LLC
  • Phone: 210-410-3628
  • Cell: 210-410-3628
  • Fax: 877-424-9918
  • Website: www.randywinters.com

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General Specialties:

Software Engineering and Computers

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Cybersecurity, Software Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency / Blockchain, Speech & Face Recognition, ESI Protocol, Social Media Forensics, Biometric Identifiers, Code Review, Patent Infringement ,Trade Secret, IPR, PTAB, Claim Analysis, Forensic Data Extraction, BIPA


Master of Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon Universsity; Aviation, Embry-Riddle University

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Additional Information

“Mr. Winters was both helpful & enjoyable to work with in a class action about biometric information. He was prepared, thoughtful, & dedicated in providing feedback & expertise.” Randall K. Pulliam Sam Jackson Carney Bates & Pulliam, PLLC - 30+ years experience in the industry with a recent (2002) Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) - Expert in all facets of Software Engineering - AI Expert in knowledge base systems, chatGPT & other Large Language Models - Experienced AI prompt engineering - Holds AI patents in the US & abroad - Expert retained for numerous cases involving user privacy to include cases involving the Illinois Biometric Information Protection Act (BIPA) - Expert knowledge in speech / facial recognition, detection & other biometric identifiers - Experience challenging Viola-Jones facial detection argument - Expert in all privacy cases involving Speech / Facial Recognition, Biometric Identifiers, Voiceprints & the use & storage of user privacy data - Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Forensics - Forensic Data Extraction & Analysis of smart phones / tablets, computers, cloud data, drones, & other electronic devices - Social Media expert, especially tracking alias & stolen, hijacked accounts - Patent Infringement, IPR, PTAB, Trade Secrets & Software Development cases since the early 1990’s until present & meets the qualifications for POSITA in most desired time periods with experience extending to present - Experience developing private sector products for companies like Microsoft, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, Epson, Boeing, Honeywell, Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) - Served as CTO, CEO & President in various companies & has built multiple Award-Winning National Products/Companies - In addition to experience in the private development sector, Mr. Winters was also hired to teach CMU’s Master of Software Engineering graduate program courses & help develop graduate core classes for several years & has a close connection to CMU’s Linguistics department - He was also a Professor teaching Software Engineering at Brigham Young University in Hawaii for several years before returning to the private sector - Former Director of Advanced Development Group for Novell, Inc (the inventors of computer networking as we know it today) - In addition to his blockchain development experience, he designed the first cryptocurrency arbitrage system 
- Experience with speech recognition systems (including CMU's Sphinx) & facial detection & recognition (including OpenCV & OpenFace), & the creation of biometric identifiers - Cases involving Siri, Goggle, Samsung & other technologies involving speech & facial recognition privacy issues/designs - Privacy cases to include speech recognition, voiceprints, face recognition & biometric identifiers as well as the handling & protection of user's privacy rights - Expert witness in many software areas with a special focus on speech & face recognition, data privacy including BIPA-related cases & social media - Works well with both small & larger cases such as class action cases & also provides expert services for user privacy as well as IPR & patent infringement cases, involving companies in the startup stage to large companies to include Apple, Google, Samsung, & other major technology manufacturers - Seasoned expert in software development/architecture with business executive experience & can successfully present at any level of technical expertise - Windows. OS X, Linux, Android-based & IOS systems in C, C++, C#, Java, Objective C, chatGPT, JavaScript & more - Skilled software code reviewer & can also help develop the proper request for documentation & source code that is most relevant to the case in order to insure that the material being requested is relevant to the case - In depth experience creating, breaking out definitions & developing the proper ESI protocol to clearly request from the opposing party exactly what is needed