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Law Enf & Criminal Justice and Dogs

Specialty Focus:

K9, K-9 tactics, Police dogs, FLSA, K9 Policy, Monell, industry standards, best practices, expert witness, case review, deposition, report writing, K9 as deadly force, K9 SWAT, K9 Use of force, K9 deployments, K-9 searches, K9 arrests, K-9 tactical tracking, Site inspection

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Additional Information

Brad retired from West Covina Police Department in California after 30 years of service. He’s been a K9 trainer for 35+ years, K9 handler for 20 years, SWAT six years and K9 SWAT for 18 years. Brad is a graduate of POST Master Instructor Program where he designed the first POST approved K9 SWAT (SKIDDS) and CAnine Tactical School (CATS) in California. Since 1988 Brad has lectured, taught, and trained thousands of law enforcement officers throughout the United States, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, Australia and China. In 1997 Brad started Canine Tactical Operations where he provides K9 expert opinions and reports across the country for civil and criminal litigation in state and federal courts regarding K9 tactical searches, police practices, industry standards, training and use of force. Brad also provide K-9 unit readiness evaluations to assure your K9 unit is current and up-to-date with regards to: selection of dogs, K-9 handlers, training, documentation, FLSA, use of force, report writing, as well as developing and updating your K9 policy. Brad is one of this country's leading K9 tactical experts when it comes to high risk patrol K-9 deployments and K-9 SWAT deployments. Brad will examine the documents in your case and give you a comprehensive and impartial case evaluation from the standpoint of proper and accepted best police practices, professional standards, training and procedures. Brad can go beyond the reports and depositions by bring vital and critical details to light that most people would not recognize. Brad can stand up to the pressure of cross-examination and provide strong, clear, robust and concise information to the jury. Brad has authored two books K9 Tactical Operations for Patrol and SWAT and K9’s in the Courtroom and published over 135 articles for a wide variety of publications. Protect your city and your officers by using Brad's experience and expertise. If you think Brad can help you, Brad will send you his CV, retainer and fee schedule.