Dr. John R. Black, DBA Expert Witness
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Police Practices & Procedures and Video

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Police Use-of-Force,Sensemaking,Decision-making,Jail Operations,Police Training, Patrol Operations,Police negotiations,Crowd Control,Self-Defense, Officer-Involved Shooting,Intelligence,Internal Affairs Leadership,Police Mental Health Response, De-escalation,Incident Command,Defensive Tactics,Policy


Post Doctoral Masters Sc (Psychology), Brunel University; Doctor of Business Administration (Business Intelligence-Decision Making), Capella University; PhD (ABD)-Public Policy & Administration; Terrorism, Mediation & Peace, Walden University; Master of Arts (Counter-Terrorism), American Military University

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Recognized expert witness for physical use of force (UoF) in international, federal, and state courts. Focus areas include police use of force, police practices, proper investigation of UoF events (including deadly force), related human performance factors, police policy, police training, civilian self-defense, excessive force, and officer-involved shootings. Certified video analyst (InputAce) with a focus on the use of video in understanding and analyzing UoF events. Also qualified with similar expertise for civilian self-defense and use of force events. My doctoral research area focuses on exploring the link between visualizing intelligence, giving it meaning (sensemaking), critical thinking, insight generation, and decision-making. I apply the gained understandings from my research alongside human performance factors and video analysis to evaluate physical UoF events within their context and environment. Consult in areas and problems involving systems thinking, Sensemaking, complexity/wicked problems, big data (visualization to insight), intelligence, data-driven decision-making, and socio-cultural intelligence/information modeling. Consultant and advisor to health analytics and related social determinates (systems approach/ complexity/wicked problem approach). Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major (SGM) after 30+ years of service. Served in both the active and reserve forces. Primary specialties include the job specialties of Special Forces Senior Operations/SGM (18Z), Special Forces Communications (18E), Special Forces Operations and Intelligence (18F), Civil Affairs (38B), and Psychological Operations (37F). Areas of experience include international humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/DR), DoD Joint Technology research evaluation and development, and the extraction of practical insight from intelligence in support of strategic decision-making. 23+ years (ret.) in law enforcement operations, including patrol, corrections, investigations, training, and command, combined with 30+ years with U.S. Army Special Operations and Peacekeeping (Special Forces, Civil Affairs, and Psychological Operations). Special projects and collateral duties include and have included:  Oversight of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), property crimes, violent crimes, child & sex abuse crimes, fraud & identity theft crimes, and the forensic science unit sections. (Investigations Division)  WCSO Representative to RegJIN Analytical Working Group (Portland Metro Region)  Statewide Mental Health & Law Enforcement Synchronization Project (Advisor & Lead)  Training Liaison (Patrol, Investigations & Jail Divisions)  Intelligence Development & Oversight (Investigations & Patrol Division)  Crisis Negotiations Unit (C.N.U.) Commander (Interagency), From 2010-to 2017  Incident Command System (I.C.S.) integration (Investigations &Patrol Division)  Police Use of Force Oversight and Review Committee (WCSO) Prior collateral duties held (partial list):  Crisis Negotiation Team Commander (WCSO)  Mobile Response Team Commander (WCSO)  Washington County Human Rights Committee Member  Field Training Program Oversight (Patrol, Investigations & Jail Divisions)  Search & Rescue Commander (WCSO)  Veterans/Military Liaison (WCSO)