Dr. John R. Black, DBA Expert Witness

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Police Practices & Procedures

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Police Use-of-Force,Sensemaking,Decision-making,Jail Operations Police Training, Patrol Operations,Police negotiations,Crowd Control,Systems Thinking, Officer-Involved Shooting,Intelligence,Internal Affairs Leadership,Police Mental Health Response, De-escalation,Incident Command,Defensive Tactics


Doctor of Business Administration (Business Intelligence-Decision Making), Capella University; PhD (ABD)-Public Policy & Administration; Terrorism, Mediation & Peace, Walden University; Master of Arts (Counter-Terrorism), American Military University; B,Sc, - General Studies, Liberty University

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Full-time consultant and Expert witness: Recognized expert witness in federal and state courts on police practices, training, Use of Force, and officer-involved shootings. Post-Doctoral research areas include police decision-making, systems thinking, complexity/wicked problems, and the sensemaking to decision-making relationship. Retired from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) in 2017 after 23 years of service. Primary/lead investigator of an agency-wide internal affairs (IA) investigation resulting in criminal convictions and terminations of police officers. Served as the Investigations Lieutenant (Lt.), Patrol Operations Lt., Jail Operations Lt., Training and Service Division Lt. , and Professional Standards Lt. Only command officer to have served in all divisions. Multiple instructor ratings in firearms, defensive tools, and tactics. Additionally, I consult in areas and problems involving business intelligence, data-driven decision-making, and socio-cultural intelligence/information modeling. Law enforcement special projects and collateral duties include and have included: 1) Oversight of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), property crimes, violent crimes, child & sex abuse crimes, fraud & identity theft crimes, and the forensic science unit sections. 2) Statewide Mental Health & Law Enforcement Synchronization Project (Advisor & Lead). 3) Training Liaison and oversight (Patrol, Investigations & Jail Divisions). 4) Crisis Negotiations Unit (CNU) Commander (Interagency). 5) Incident Command System (ICS) integration (Investigations &Patrol Division). Police Use of Force Oversight and Review Committee. Prior collateral duties held (partial list): 1) Crisis Negotiation Team Commander (WCSO). 2) Mobile Response Team Commander (WCSO). 3) Washington County Human Rights Committee Member. 4) Field Training Program Oversight (Patrol, Investigations & Jail Divisions). 5) Search & Rescue Commander (WCSO). 6)Veterans/Military Liaison (WCSO).