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  • Additional States: Missouri
  • Company: Pediatric Radiology, Neuroradiology and Fetal MRI Consult
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General Specialties:

Radiology and Pediatrics

Specialty Focus:

Neonate, brain injury, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, child abuse, ultrasound, sonography, hip dysplasia, newborn, magnetic resonance imaging, neuroradiology, neuroimaging, hip dysplasia, accidental trauma, general pediatric imaging, residency program director, fellowship director, diagnostic


BS Biology, Chemistry, University of Tennessee; MD, Meharry Medical College; Board Certiifed, American Board of Radiology; Pediatric Radiology, American Board of Radiology

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Additional Information

As a board certified Radiologist since 1996, and subspecialty board certified Pediatric Radiologist since 1998, I have over 25 years experience imaging children only. During those 25 years, I have met with attorneys, been deposed and testified in court regularly (> 100 cases) a part of my clinical work. My areas of sub-specialty expertise include pediatric neuroradiology, neonatal ultrasound, child abuse, hypoxic brain injury, fetal imaging, hip dysplasia, general pediatric radiology and residency training. Besides my clinical experience, I am an experienced educator, public speaker, accomplished academician and leader. My background allows me to provide expert review and interpretation of any pediatric radiology imaging study. A few examples of how I may provide expert consultation include: (1) Interpretation of US, CT and MRI to determine timing of neonatal brain injury; (2) Distinguish child abuse from accidental injury, birth trauma and various disorders that mimic abuse; (3) Interpretation, determination of injury time frame and number of injurious events to the skeletal and brain in child abuse and other types of pediatric trauma; (4) Expert consultation on hip dysplasia; and (5) More. I have vast experience teaching and speaking publicly to audiences at hundreds of the local, national and international events. In deed, the joy I find in teaching extends to the court room where I am comfortable providing clear, easily understood testimony on complex medical topics. A few highlights regarding authorship, written teaching, editorial work and leadership experience are listed below. For extensive details on topics/areas of interest, please see CV. •Chair of committee that wrote the Pediatric Radiology boards for the American Board of Radiology (10 years+) •FAAP, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics •FACR, Fellow of the American College of Radiology (ACR); Less than 10% of radiologists meet qualifications. •Full Professor and Department Chair (10+ years), University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC) School of Medicine •Committee on Child abuse, Society for Pediatric Radiology (SPR) •Co-Editor and Author, Caffey's Textbook of Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging, 12th-14th editions. •Author, 80+ Peer Reviewed Publications, 100+ scientific posters, and 100+ oral presentations (national and international) •Attendee, Conference on providing expert testimony •Attendee, Child Abuse Conference (See CV for innumerable other conferences) •Residency Program Director for 13+ years, UMKC Radiology •1st ever graduate, Radiology Leadership Institute, American Board of Radiology •Fellowship Program Director, Pediatric Radiology, UMKC •Assistant Editor, American Journal of Neuroradiology •Assistant Editor, American Journal of Roentgenology •Journal Reviewer, Pediatric Radiology and others •Lifetime achievement award for teaching, Society for Pediatric Radiology (See CV for other numerous Awards for teaching and presentations) •Education committee, Society for pediatric Radiology (see CV for list of local and national service)