John O Winter, DDS Expert Witness
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Dentist and Insurance

Specialty Focus:

FL, NY & Nationwide,Insurance defense,Dental Malpractice injury expert,Crown/Caps/Bridge,Nerve Numbness,Root Canals/Endodontics,Oral Surgery/Extractions, Periodontics/Gum,Broken Instrument/Foreign Body,Failure Diagnose,Infection, Board Claims,Consent, Restaurant trip fall auto hotel defense claims


BA, Chemistry, Stony Brook University, New York; DDS, New York University College of Dentisty

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Additional Information

Dr. John O. Winter, DDS Dental Malpractice Expert Witness, Injury and Claims Consultant represents defense attorneys and insurance companies on a broad range of dental injury and dental malpractice claims. Dental injury defense representation is provided for the automobile, restaurant, hotel, hospitality and construction industry. Dr. Winter employs skillful and aggressive methods to defend against dental negligence allegations and claims. His clients can look to this professional in order to minimize insurance payouts for allegations of dental injuries due to dental malpractice, trip, slip and fall, auto accidents, restaurant customers and construction claims. Having extensive experience with over 400 completed assignments involving $10 million dollars in claims Dr. Winter has a reputation for efficient and reliable communication with his nationwide clients. Prompt and courteous service is provided to both new and existing clients. Litigation Support - Dr. Winter provides dental records and case reviews involving standard of care, damages and liability for defense attorneys along with Deposition and Trial testimony. For select cases Dr. Winter provides plaintiff attorneys a Certificate or Affidavit of Merit. Expert can be counted on to be ethical, respectful and well-organized. He possesses articulate and persuasive speaking abilities to effectively communicate complex dental procedures and terminology in understandable layman terms for client attorneys during case buildup, for the benefit of juries, and at deposition and court appearances. Dr. Winter graduated from New York University College of Dentistry in 1981. He has an undergraduate degree in chemistry and achieved honors in the Department of Pharmacology at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. In 1981 Dr. Winter entered private general dentistry practice in New York which provided an extensive knowledge base of risk management and the evaluation of the standard of care. In 2002 he began collaboration with major national insurance companies providing defense to claims of dental negligence and malpractice allegations and continues to serve the insurance industry to date. Dr. Winter is actively licensed by the State of New York to practice dentistry, has a State of Florida Dental Expert Witness Certificate and is a member of the National Association of Dental Consultants.