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  • Company: SoftSource Consulting
  • Phone: (971) 327-0442
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Software Engineering and Computers

Specialty Focus: technology, intellectual property, patents, programming, ediscovery, electronic, forensics, esi, stored, information, electronically, development, source code, C,C++, Java, HTML,JavaScript,ecommerce,enterprise,full stack,scrum,agile,requirements,cloud,Microsoft,Amazon,Google,intellectual property,ip

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon; Software Systems Graduate Certificate, Stanford University

Years in Practice: 30+

Additional Information

Software is everywhere. And the more important the software, the more complex it can be. With that pervasiveness and complexity comes challenges and problems: Does the software do what it is supposed to do? If not, did it malfunction due to poor quality, negligence, failure to understand requirements, or random chance? Was the software program stolen from somewhere else? Does the software infringe on the intellectual property claims of your client's patent(s)? Has the opposing counsel turned over needed data and documents using appropriate electronically stored information (ESI) strategies and techniques? As a principal consultant and chief executive of SoftSource Consulting, Steven Gray and his team of expert consultants can help you and your client figure out answers to these questions and more. While Steven has over 30 years of professional programming, teaching, and expert consulting experience, combined with the rest of the SoftSource team we bring over 350 years of technology experience to help you. As consultants, we're experts at not only writing and evaluating complex software, we know how to communicate about and explain software and related technologies to those not skilled in the art. Communication and teaching are central tenets of our core expertise and culture. We will help you, your team, and your clients understand the 1s and 0s that make up the foundation of so many things in the world we live in today. And we constantly strive to research what is coming up next so that we're prepared for the world of tomorrow. Check out our website at and don't hesitate to contact Steven directly at 971-327-0442 or and start the conversation. Need a trusted advisor to help you understand code and everything connected to it? We can help.