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  • Company: Pixel Analysis, LLC
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Video and Photography & Imaging

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Forensic Video Analysis, Image Clarification, Security Video, Surveillance Video, Cell Phone Video, Photogrammetry, Reverse Projection, Video Production, Day in the Life Video, Drone Video & Drone Photography, Digital Media, 3D Representation & 3D Graphics


BARCH, Pratt Institute; CVFT, LEVA

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Steve Kline has worked as a video and digital media professional since 1994, dealing with encoding, audio and video engineering, production, multimedia and 2D/3D graphics, and live streaming technologies. This has laid a strong foundation and natural bridge for his work in Video & Audio Forensics. Steve began aiding police, lawyers, and private security firms in 1996 - adding video expertise in armed robbery, hit and run, and homicide cases. In 2007 Steve worked CT's last Death Penalty case which started a long working relationship with the CT State Attorney's Office. Since 2007, Steve has worked on dozens homicide cases, processing video for both investigations and prosecutions. Through this work, he gained respect from both sides of the case, being hired by defense attorneys for some of their subsequent cases. Steve prides himself on finding hidden information that many overlook. This often stems from precise processing for image enhancements to gain the best quality, while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the video & images. His work has led to arrests and convictions as well as aiding in the exoneration of wrongly accused. As founder of Pixel Analysis, he can focus attention of skills that matter. Last year alone, he contested State and Federal Agency reports on several cases, exposing poor techniques or limited training. Always expanding his knowledge and capabilities in Video Forensics, Steve has immersed himself in continuing education. He is LEVA certified and constantly learning new tools and techniques. Last year he adding 3D laser scanning for scene processing and height analysis to his tool set, as well as site capture and analysis as an FAA certified Drone Pilot. Additionally, Steve has over 35 years experience in Martial Arts and is a certified Master Instructor of Tang Soo Do. As an instructor, competitor and judge for most of that time, Steve has experience in Confrontational Analysis which helps elicit detail and information about the actions observed in video. Though not trained in Use of Force work, he offers experience and insights that goes well beyond the average viewer. This has proven helpful in assault cases captured on video which don't require Use of Force investigations. In the words of an Assistant CT State Attorney, "In addition to preparing court exhibits, [Steve Kline] has appeared as a witness. We have found him to be extremely well prepared and an effective communicator of somewhat difficult concepts and principles." In the words of a local PD DIVRT team leader, "Steve Kline and his company, have become an invaluable facet of our usable resources. Mr. Kline has been utilized for numerous investigative cases ranging from minor offenses to homicide and has been called upon in numerous court cases as an expert witness from the video technology field. As a result of such teamwork and dedication we have had countless successful court prosecutions." In the words of a Defense Attorney, "Your work forced the admission of a prosecution report that concluded a major height discrepancy between the suspect with my client. Without your efforts the State's study and subsequent report would never have been processed. That was key evidence that cleared my client."