Peter C. Meer, MBA, MPM Expert Witness

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Property Management and Slip Trip & Fall

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Property Management, Residential Property Management, Real Estate


Bachelor of Science, University of Colorado (Boulder); Masters of Business Administration, San Francisco State University

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Mr. Meer, owner and president of Meer & Company, Inc., has been providing expert property management services throughout the Denver area since 1981. Currently he manages 150 single-family homes in the Denver area. In previous years, he has managed Home Owner Associations. He has a proven track record of dealing with all aspects of property management including: (a) Standards of care for management of both residential and commercial properties, (b) Liability issues arising from tenants/visitors/workmen at a given residential or commercial property and (c) Health and safety issues arising from tenants/visitors/workmen at a given residential or commercial property. Mr. Meer is nationally recognized as an expert in residential property management. He has testified or been deposed in jurisdictions across the United States including the states of Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming where he is considered an expert in property management. Mr. Meer can be engaged to serve as an expert witness in the following residential and commercial areas of property management: Property management and maintenance – standards of care • Residential property management • Commercial property management – standards of care • Commercial property management • Transactions • Lease disputes • Liability of premises • Residential property health and safety • Personal injury and wrongful death • Home Owner Association (HOA) slip, trip, and fall s • Home Owner Association (HOA) and reasonable care • Management company and property construction defects • Property standard of care • Carbon monoxide & radon gas poisoning • Illegal drugs and drug activity • Inspection of property • Criminal acts • Home Owner Association (HOA) board duties • Negligence in Home Owner Association (HOA) board duties • Management or receiver fees • Negligence in hiring, supervision, and termination