Linda Rae Paul Expert Witness

Contact Information

  • Company: CRE Transaction Experts, Inc.
  • Phone: 415-215-0199
  • Website:
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Real Estate

Specialty Focus: Commercial Title, Commercial Escrow, Title Insurance, Underwriting, Escrow Procedures, Fiduciary Duty, Escrow Documentation, Curative Work, Due Diligence, Multi-State Customs and Practices, Escrow Operations, Industry Standards, Standard of Care

Education: Commercial Real Estate Certification, Cornell University

Years in Practice: 30

Additional Information

Linda Rae Paul is the President of CRE Transaction Experts, Inc. She works closely with all segments of the legal community to expeditiously perform escrow and title expert services in a professional manner and provide the most objective analysis in reports and testimony. Specialties include the following: • Escrow and title industry standard practice • Jurisdictional closing customs and practices • Parties to an escrow and what role they play • Escrow instructions – Southern California version • Escrow instructions – Northern California version • Escrow instructions – closing instructions from third parties • Funds and escrow audits • Funds from third parties • Good funds practices • Payoffs – institutional and private • Drafting of documents • Fiduciary duties – escrow holder • Fiduciary duties – title insurer • Improper title clearance • Standard of Care for title and escrow personnel • Interpretation of real estate documents and forms • Interpretation of covenants, conditions and restrictions (“CC&R’s”) • Title Operations In the field of title insurance, Linda Rae Paul is qualified in the review of underlying title documents, underwriting high risk transactions, review and approval of title instructions, review and approval of entity documents for corporations, LLC’s and partnerships to confirm ability to convey or encumber property, review and approval of acceptable insurable documents to remove curative items. She has resolved title matters, default, delinquencies, obligations, bankruptcy issues clouding title, special assessments, current or pending litigation – basically any matter that affected current title and the ability to convey or encumber property. She has a high level of understanding of title insurance policies, endorsements and risks associated with issuance of policies.