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Pharmacology- Clinical and Pharmacist

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pharmacy regulations, pharmacy standards of care, pharmacist medical malpractice, drug utilization reviews, medication errors, adverse drug reactions, Medicare and Medicaid


Pharm.D, Florida A&M University; Residency Nuclear Medicine, The Ohio State College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Additional Information

Dr. Shaw (Pharm-D) is a Board-Certified Doctor of Pharmacy with a specialization in numerous disease states. He has a specialization certification in Nuclear Medication. Dr. Shaw is also a Reviewing Medical Officer/Independent Practitioner for The Department of Labor/Federal Occupational Health (nationally and state specific). Dr. Shaw has been a Reviewing Adjudication Officer for Healthcare for the State of Georgia for CMS/Medicaid through the Dept of Health and Human Services Dr. Shaw has been in practice as clinical/compound/adjudication pharmacist since 1999 in many diverse settings including hospital, hospital transitional care, community clinic, critical care, compounding, and retail. In addition Dr. Shaw has served in a variety of leadership roles that have contributed to his experience as an expert witness. In particular, Dr. Shaw has extensive experience reviewing cases related to diagnostic errors, pre and post-operative management, hospital in-patient treatment, hospital out-patient treatment, and CMS-MEDICARE/MEDICAID Healthcare PBM insurance reimbursement/denial. Dr. Shaw has testified on a broad range of issues, including: • Pharmacist medical malpractice; • Regulations related to pharmacy standards of care; • Medicare, Medicare Plan D and Medicaid Pharmacy Insurance Claims for State of Georgia; • Submitted claims review including, but not limited to, drug utilization review, clinical relevance based on disease state, cost of products, double billing and fraudulent practices; and • Board of pharmacy, local, and federal regulations as they relate to pharmacy standards of care.