Karen P. Martin, PT, DMT, MSPT, FAAOMPT, CIDN Expert Witness

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Physical Therapy and Orthopedics - Non-Surgical

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Physical Therapy Standard of Care Deviation,Physical Therapy Malpractice,Physical Therapy Risk Assessment,Physical Therapy Patient Advocacy Assessment,Physical Therapist Assistant Misuse,Fall Injury,Dry Needling Injury,Pneumothorax,Manipulation Injury,Workers' Comp Rehab/IME/PPD/Surveil Analysis


DMT, Doctor of Manual Therapy, Ola Grimsby Institute; Post Professional Clinical Residency and Clinical Fellowship Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, Ola Grimsby Institute; MSPT, Master of Science Physical Therapy, Walsh University; BSChE, Bachelors of Science Chemical Engineering, University of Akron

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Karen P. Martin, PT, DMT, MSPT, FAAOMPT, CIDN - Fellow American Academy Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy. Expert Witness services and record review for both prosecution and defense. Clinical competencies upon request. Standard of Care in the healing and highly regulated industry of physical therapy has nothing to do with good intention and everything to do with both knowing and following the rules designed to protect the patient/public/payer. Standard of Care deviation results from not being able to justify WHY an action was taken and encompasses errors created from both commission AND omission. Standard of Care deviation occurs when inappropriate physical therapy plan of care and treatment intervention result from inadequate physical therapy examination, inadequate physical therapy diagnosis, inadequate client care management, and unsound professional judgment. Standard of Care deviation is increasingly prevalent with Dry Needling misuse, malpractice, fraudulent coding, and fraudulent insurance billing. Standard of Care deviation often occurs with Manual Manipulation misuse and malpractice. Standard of Care deviation is particularly pervasive with physical therapist assistant misuse and malpractice throughout all physical therapy practice settings. Standard of Care deviations occur when services delivered by a physical therapist assistant are outside their scope of practice or competency and fail to be legitimately directed and supervised by a physical therapist. Standard of Care deviation occurs with public misrepresentation of “physical therapist” services rendered by non-physical therapists. The Standard of Care deviations of misuse of physical therapist assistants, overutilization of ineffective physical therapy services, and misrepresentation of non-physical therapist services as physical therapy are rampant within physician/chiropractic/hospital owned clinics primarily focused upon treatment of injured workers throughout workers’ compensation systems.