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Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medicine

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Adult and Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Failure Diagnose, Appendicitis, Abuse, Sepsis, Resuscitation, Airway, Fever, Procedures, MI, Stroke, Fracture, Wounds, Urgent Care Medicine, Cruise Ship, Policy and Procedure, Trauma, Aeromedical Transport, Emergency Medical Systems, Consent Issues, Accidents.


MD, The University of Cincinnati; BS, The Ohio State University

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Currently, I practice Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. I am triple board certified in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and General Pediatrics and have over 26 years of clinical and administrative experience. I love to teach and have served as a Professor in both Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine for many years. I also have recent Urgent Care and past Cruise Ship (Senior Physician) experience and can speak to standards of care in these areas. A few highlights from my CV include experience as a US ARMY Flight Surgeon, Division Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Medical Director of three emergency departments, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Creator and Director, QA Director of Pediatric Division, QI Director Level One Adult and Pediatric Emergency Departments, Pediatric Trauma Liaison, and International Educator with many publications. I have also authored dozens of policies and procedures for emergency departments, hospitals, EMS agencies, and government entities. I have worked in most emergency department settings, from Level One Trauma Centers to Rural Critical Access Hospital EDs, and I know their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and capabilities. Through these roles, I have personally reviewed many thousands of charts over the years and subsequently led a significant portion of these through the peer review process giving me a strong basis from which to opine on the standards of care in emergency medicine and pediatric emergency medicine. This experience frequently allows me to delineate the various party's areas of responsibility for the court's officers. This clarity in delineation is often helpful to both plaintiffs and defendants, depending on the facts of the case, and instrumental to reaching pre-trial negotiated settlements and ultimately to the court's understanding of a case's facts should it go to trial. I thrive on education and love to teach, as evidenced by the many lectures and moderated sessions I have led World Wide and my past engagements with the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Emergency Medicine. My experiences working with these boards have given me a unique perspective and the ability to accurately determine what should be considered the standard of care under a given set of circumstances in both General Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Additionally, I have consistently qualified as an expert in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and some areas of General Pediatrics. I have also testified in multiple criminal and tort-related cases in numerous states. I have furthered my related skills in legal writing, deposition, court presentation, and testimony through ongoing education, observation, reading, and requested feedback. I enjoy the opportunity to discern and illustrate case facts and opinions in simplistic terms, making complex medical situations and timelines understandable to families, juries, attorneys, and especially the court. To this end, I also have skills in using various presentation and data analysis software systems frequently crucial to illustrating difficult-to-understand points and statistical concepts. I enjoy working in both the criminal and civil court systems.