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  • Additional States: New York and Pennsylvania
  • Company: RW Rosenblum, CFE, CFCS
  • Phone: 888 222 9960
  • Cell: 888 222 9960
  • Fax: 877 607 6807
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties:

Real Estate and Premises Liability

Specialty Focus:

Realtor, Broker, Premises Liability, Mold, Water Penetration, Standard of Care, Agent Duties, Mortgage, Property Value, Residential Real Estate, Realtor Malpractice, Fraud, Covid-19, Identity Theft.

Years in Practice:


Additional Information

Nationwide services. Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Financial Crime Specialist, and former Federal Agent, providing complete expert witness and litigation support . As a practicing Real Estate Agent and Broker (in several states) for over 29 years, Richard is a real estate expert on matters of Realtor Standard of Care, fiduciary responsibility, agency representation, breach of contract matters, mortgages, Mold, Water Penetration, and premises liability. The discipline of his daily work is that of an active Real Estate Broker overseeing agents and transactions. Expertise in matters of mortgage fraud, contractual disputes, seller's disclosure, agency relationship, and employment relationship breaches. These areas are approached with professionalism and expertise. Additional expertise in valuations, diminution of value, property salability evaluations, and ethics matters. C.V. and References available upon request.