RW Rosenblum, CFE, CFCS Expert Witness

Real Estate Expert - Negligence / Prem. Liability

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Real Estate and Slip Trip & Fall

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Realtor, Broker and Agent Standard of Care, Real Estate Negligence, Fraud, Premises Liability, Slip and fall, Mold, Environmental, Title Insurance, Title Agency, Mortgage, Real Estate Appraisal Valuation, Real Estate Commission, Real Estate Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Real Estate Investment Ponzi Scheme

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Nationwide services. Mr. Rosenblum provides complete expert witness and litigation support . As a practicing Real Estate Agent and Broker (in several states) for over 31 years, Mr. Rosenblum is a real estate expert on Standards of Care, fiduciary responsibility, agency representation, material defects, premises liability, and valuation / marketability. The discipline of his daily work is that of an active Real Estate Broker overseeing agents and transactions. Additionally he provides brokerage and mortgage operations management consulting and litigation support. A FEW PREVIOUS CASES: Residential Real Estate - Undisclosed Structural Defects Residential Real Estate - Undisclosed Toxic Environmental Conditions, Mold, and Water Residential Real Estate - Broker and Agent Due Diligence, Fiduciary Duties, Agency, Standards of Care, Malpractice Residential Real Estate - Unjust Enrichment (Insurance Claim) Residential Real Estate - Diminution of Value (damages / marketability) Residential Real Estate - Valuation / Marketability / Appraisal Reviews Residential and Commercial - Slip and Falls, Open House, Property Showings, and undisclosed dangerous conditions Residential Real Estate - Title and Mortgage fraud issues As a consultant Mr. Rosenblum has conducted well in excess of 5,000 residential mortgage fraud file reviews. CERTIFICATIONS Certified Fraud Examiner Certified Financial Crime Specialist ACTIVE MEMBERSHIPS FLEOA (Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association) 1986 - Current Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Certified CFE) 2011 - Current Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (Certified CFCS) 2013 -Current PUBLISHED ARTICLES BY MR. ROSENBLUM IN THE REAL ESTATE NEWS: March 8, 2023, Why risk prevention is critical for brokerages. April 3, 2023, Is your companies data secure? April 30, 2023, Billions at stake in Anti-Money Laundering efforts. WEBSITE: C.V. and References available upon request.