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Massage Therapy, Massage Abuse, Massage Therapy Business, Spa/Day Spa Business, Professional Ethics, Scope of Practice, Standard of Care, Hiring Practices, Client Care


Massage Therapy Certification, Carolina School of Massage

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Felicia Brown, LMBT has maintained a private massage therapy clientele since 1994. In addition, she has provided business and marketing coaching as well as continuing education to massage, spa and wellness professionals and businesses. Felicia’s opinions are based on more than 24 years of experience as a practitioner, owner, client, consultant and educator in the spa and massage industries. She will do her best to serve your clients well by being curious and thorough in her analysis as well as direct and thoughtful with statements related to each situation and case. Relevant Experience Expert Witness: Felicia has served as an expert witness since 2015 on cases involving allegations of sexual abuse, breach of standards or negligence by massage therapists. She has provided deposition review and testimony; consultation on business practices and standards of care; and conducted research related to the cases. In most cases, her research has resulted in the production of an Affidavit, Expert Report or Deposition. Spa Owner: From start-up and turn-around to inventory control, operations, management and more, Felicia is familiar with the complex inner workings of a spa or massage practice. Her first business, Balance Day Spa, grew from a private practice into a company with fifty employees and annual sales of over $1.6 million. She sold the business in 2005. Her current spa employs almost thirty employees including over fifteen massage therapists. Massage Therapist: Felicia has maintained a private clientele since 1994 and has many clients who have been with her for a decade or longer. Instructor: Felicia has designed and taught numerous courses in the massage and spa fields for more than 20 years. In addition to teaching on numerous business and marketing topics in the US and abroad, Felicia has also developed a number of well-received classes related to communication, ethics, and sexual situations in the massage and spa workplace.