Maurice Masliah, Ph.D. Expert Witness
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General Specialties: Human Factors and Safety

Specialty Focus: Road Safety, Traffic Safety, Crash, Collision, Accident, Expectancy, Vision, Lighting, Conspicuity, Signs and Pavement Markings, Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), Perception Reaction Time, Perception Response Time, Impaired Driving, Distracted Driving, Sight Distance, Attention, Warnings

Education: B.A. Statistics, University of Chicago; M.S. Human Factors, University of Washington; Ph.D. Human Factors, University of Toronto

Years in Practice: 17

Additional Information

My career has focused on safety in transportation, road safety audits and reviews, statistical analysis of collision data, and safety management. From 2001 to 20017 I was a project manager for different civil engineering firms. In 2017, I started my own consulting practice, Headlight Consulting Inc. where I continue to provide road safety consulting services. My expertise includes issues related to visibility, speeding/aggressive driving, impairment, judgment and decision making, perception-reaction time, sightlines, signing, pavement markings, driver age, and lighting. I have provided verbal and/or written human factors expert witness reports on cases involving vehicle collisions, rail crossing collisions, bus collisions, pedestrian collisions, bicycle collisions, sledding collisions, slip/trip/falls, and product liability. You will find me readily available, responsive, well prepared, and able to provide assistance to counsel. I have provided human factors and road safety consulting services/research for a wide range of clients including the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), the City of Toronto, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP), and the Behavioral Traffic Safety Cooperative Research Program (BTSCRP). I am a certified instructor for the National Highway Institute (NHI), the training arm of FHWA. I am a three-time recipient of the Certificate of Excellence from NHI “for exemplary service and dedication to providing high quality instruction of critical training to the transportation workforce”. Since January 2018, I have taught the graduate level course MIE1414 Human Factors in Transportation at the University of Toronto. I am one of the first 100 people to pass the examination and receive certification as a Road Safety Professional by the Transportation Professional Certification Board. I am a citizen of both the USA and Canada.