Jennifer L. Cook, MD Expert Witness
Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

  • Company: University of Cincinnati
  • Phone: 843 261 4358
  • Cell: 843 261 4358
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Cardiovascular Disease

Specialty Focus: Heart Failure, Heart Attack, Myocardial Infarction, Cardiomyopathy, Heart Transplant, Mechanical Circulatory Support, Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), Atrial Fibrillation, Myocardititis, Sudden Cardiac Death, Tako Tsubo Cardiomyopathy, Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

Education: BA, Knox College; MD, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine; Residency, Medical University of South Carolina; Residency, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Years in Practice: 15+

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 5

Additional Information

My expertise includes the evidence based diagnosis and treatment of cardiac conditions. As other cardiologists, I see cardiac patients with a variety of heart conditions. The majority of my practice includes patients suffering from heart failure, representing the sickest of cardiac patients. These patients with abnormal heart function face limitations in their quality of life, exercise capability and life expectancy. Few patients in my practice get heart transplants or mechanical circulatory assist devices. What is useful about a specialist in heart failure? If the scenario that you are faced includes a patient with abnormal heart function leading to limitations in physical activity you want expert attention regarding: • Determination of evidence based care (ref1) • Accurate assessment of patient functional status • Expert prediction of mortality risk (ref 2) When working with me you can expect prompt response, articulate written opinions and concise oral testimony. Over 20 years of practice, academic endeavors and clinical teaching provide me with the maturity to help you achieve the best outcome for your client. 1. Bozkurt B, Colvin M, Cook J, et al Current diagnostic and treatment strategies for specific dilated cardiomyopathies: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association Circulation. 2016 Dec 6;134(23):e579-e646. 2. Cook JL Chair, Colvin-Adams M, Francis GS, et al Recommendations for the Use of Mechanical Circulatory Support: Device Strategies and Patient Selection: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association. Circulation. 2012 Nov 27;126(22):2648-2667.