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Internet and Computers

Specialty Focus:

Social Media Expert Witness (organic and ads) as well as expert witness in Facebook Advertising, YouTube Advertising, Google Ads (AdWords), and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


PhD, University of California, Berkeley; MA, University of California, Berkeley; BA, Harvard University

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Additional Information

Jason McDonald is an internet pioneer, having started his first company (eg3.com) in 1994. This hands-on experience compelled him to master SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords). Nowadays, he works as a 'social media expert witness,' helping attorneys identify the facts and establish the truth in complex litigation concerning organic efforts and advertising on key social media platforms such as Facebook Ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads, and other ad platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Beyond working as an expert witness in social media, Jason has also helped attorneys as a fact-first SEO expert witness in Search Engine Optimization. SEO, of course, is the art and science of how to get a company, product, or service to the top of Google. Finally, working as a Google Ads expert witness, Jason has helped judges, juries, and attorneys understand the factual complexities of how advertising works on Google including the Google Search Network, the Display Network (GDN), Google Shopping, and YouTube (which is, of course, owned by Google). If you are an attorney looking for an expert witness with a passion for the facts, please reach out to Jason. In addition to a thriving consulting business for the JM Internet Group, Jason teaches both SEO and Social Media Marketing for Stanford Continuing Studies and has best-selling books on SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, and marketing on Amazon. He ranks in the top 5% of authors according to the Author's Guild of New York City. While he is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jason has been an expert witness in both state court in California as well as federal court in both Colorado and Maryland. He has extensive deposition and trial experience and has been certified as an expert witness in SEO, social media marketing, and Google Ads. He has produced complex reports on digital marketing and advertising. As a teacher, Jason can take the complexities of Google Ads, SEO, and social media, and explain them to laypeople. Indeed, Jason's passion it to take complex ideas and make them easy-to-understand for the lay public. If you are interested in working with Jason, just Google 'Jason McDonald' (he's at the top) or contact him via his website at https://www.jasonmcdonald.org. When he's not researching the facts and issues in a case, Jason can be found being walked by his dog, Buddy, who teaches him that there is more to life than digital marketing and advertising and it takes the form of bones, balls, and other dogs at the dog park.