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Emergency Medical Services and Internal Medicine

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Emergency Care Services, Hospital medicine, Transitional Care Unit, accurate diagnosis, prognostic implications. Missed diagnosis affecting patient's prognosis, postoperative complications, wound management, gastrointestinal bleeding, end stage renal disease, cancer diagnosis, management and treatme


M.D., SUNY Downstate

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Fifteen years ago, I began my career as a medical expert witness, driven by a passion to thoroughly scrutinize medical malpractice cases and learn from them to enhance my own clinical practice. Key accomplishments include: Successfully settling cases involving missed diagnoses that significantly impacted patients' prognoses. Effectively resolving cases concerning delays in postoperative complication management. Skillfully addressing cases related to improper wound care and decubitus ulcer mismanagement. Successfully defending hospitalist management practices for severe gastrointestinal bleeding. Successfully defending cases involving the diagnosis and management of end-stage renal disease. Over more than a decade, my diverse medical career has provided deep insights into healthcare complexities, balancing direct patient care and administrative responsibilities. In my current role at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, I've managed a range of cancer-related issues, providing critical care, managing postoperative complications, and addressing acute health concerns. As a hospitalist for eleven years, I've managed complex cases, leading to improved patient outcomes and recognition for clinical excellence. Additionally, I've provided expert surgical consultations, ensuring optimal patient care and outcomes through collaboration and comprehensive evaluations.