Cynthia L. Galli Expert Witness

Contact Information

  • Company: Galli Legal Nursing, Inc.
  • Phone: (714) 893-2595
  • Website:
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Life Care Planning and Legal Nurse Consulting

Specialty Focus: Nurse Life Care Planner, Nurse Expert Witness, Worker's Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Case Management, Nurse, Catastrophic Injury, TBI, Motor Vehicle Accident, IME Attendance, Record Review

Education: Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Chamberlain College of Nursing; Nursing Diploma, California Hospital School of Nursing; Associate of Arts, Los Angeles City College

Years in Practice: 11

Additional Information

Galli Legal Nursing, Inc. was founded by Cynthia Galli, RN, BSN, CCM, CNLCP to provide professional legal nursing services. She is a Registered Nurse, Certified Case Manager, and Certified Nurse Life Care Planner with over 38 years of diversity in her nursing practice. She is experienced in working with attorneys, claims adjusters and other clients. Cynthia has nursing experience in ICU, CCU, PACU, ER, home health, worker’s compensation, case management including both acute hospital and worker’s compensation.