Mark T Boodée, MFS, D-ABC Expert Witness
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  • Company: KRSA - Forensics
  • Phone: (919) 442-8839
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: DNA and Forensic Science

Specialty Focus: Forensic DNA Analysis, Crime Scene Analysis, Forensic Serology, Genetics, Paternity, Criminalistics, Population Genetics and Statistics, Crime Laboratory Operations

Education: Master of Forensic Science, George Washington University; Bachelor of Arts in Biology, University of Virginia; additional Graduate Level coursework in Genetics and Molecular Biology , North Carolina State Unversity

Years in Practice: 29

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 100+

Additional Information

Mark Boodée, MSF, D-ABC, provides expert services in the areas of Forensic DNA Analysis, Crime Scene Investigation, Criminalistics, and Paternity inquiries. He specializes in all areas of DNA analysis where scientific data related to these topics require expert interpretation. Mr. Boodée was initially trained in 1989 at Cellmark Diagnostics - the first company in the U.S. to perform forensic DNA analysis techniques. He has witnessed the evolution of forensic DNA analysis from its inception using VNTRs and RFLPs to the most recent procedures using STRs, Mitachondrial and SNP analysis. Mr. Boodée possesses over 28 years of in the fields of Forensic DNA Analysis and Crime Scene Investigation including his position as Special Agent with the North Carolina State Crime Laboratory (formerly NC State Bureau of Investigation). His work has been featured on the nationally syndicated television show "Forensic Files" and his involvement in casework has also been described in several books. In addition to his forensic case analysis, working over one thousand DNA cases, Mr. Boodée also has extensive experience technically reviewing DNA case files and data. Unlike many DNA consultants, Mr. Boodée has experience in both private and governmental DNA labs. He has the ability to help you develop and prepare an effective presentation of the facts, and if necessary, prepare a robust cross-examination of opposing expert witnesses. Mr. Boodée can assist you by describing the procedure used in your case in plain, basic, uncomplicated terms providing you with possess a broad understanding of the testing performed in your case. Mr. Boodée has qualified as an expert witness on over 100 occasions in Federal and State Superior Courts across the U.S. Testimony in several of his cases has been reviewed by the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of North Carolina and serves as the foundation for the acceptability of forensic DNA analysis.