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General Specialties: Industrial Design and Intellectual Property

Specialty Focus: Design Expert Witness, Design Patent Infringement, Design Patent Validity, Utility Patent Infringement, Utility Patent Validity, Patent Litigation, Trade Dress Infringement, Trademark, Article of Manufacture, Secondary Meaning, Functionality, Likelihood of Confusion, Product Design, Industrial Desig

Education: JD, Harvard Law School; MA, Industrial and Product Design, Pratt Institute; BS, Economics and Political Science, New York University

Years in Practice: 27

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 2

Additional Information

A former corporate and intellectual property lawyer, I graduated Harvard Law School and later earned a Master's in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute. I've spent the past 25 years guiding innovation through strategic product development. From toys to complex medical devices, I've helped hundreds of clients bridge the gap between creative insight and commercial success, and my background offers a unique understanding of the business side of creativity. The focus of my work includes the design of compelling aesthetic solutions and brands, as well as the invention of novel features, functionality, and business models which allow clients to capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace. And though I’m no longer a member of the bar, I remain fully engaged in the protection and monetization of intellectual property, advising on all aspects of IP strategy, from patents and trademarks to the negotiation of profitable royalty and licensing agreements. As a practicing design consultant to a wide range of markets and industries, I keep my finger on the pulse of critical trends in a host of product categories. I bring that foundation of understanding to my work as design expert witness, and it has proven invaluable in developing effective litigation strategies and creative legal arguments. What I enjoy most about my work as design expert witness is the ability to apply two distinct ways of approaching problems to legal disputes involving the protection of design. Designers think in such a unique way that it's been coined “Design Thinking,” while legal analysis requires an entirely different, rigorously analytical perspective. I have years of experience practicing both modes of thinking, and my value to your case is enhanced by the ability to understand and effectively address legal challenges from both a designer's and a lawyer's perspective. Please see my website for a more comprehensive overview of my experience: