Aron Kain, PhD Expert Witness
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  • Company: BH Technology
  • Phone: (845) 369-6324
  • Cell: (914) 414-8338
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Specialty Focus: sensors,sensor systems, analog, digital, embedded, wireless, RFID, microwave, manufacturing, military, industrial, electronics systems

Education: PhD EE , UCLA; MSEE Quantum Electronics, Columbia University; BA Physics , Yeshiva University; BA Computers, Yeshiva University

Years in Practice: 35

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 3

Additional Information

Intellectual Property services include Expert Witness in various technology disciplines including multi- technology disciplines. Expert witness services include patent analysis for litigation, writing, editing, submitting signed Declarations to the Court, deposition preparation, sworn depositions for the Court, interfacing with Counsel, and trial preparations. Intellectual Property services also include patent infringement evaluation, forensic patent and technology investigation, advise and consult with client on curative and technology development paths. Services also include patent development and writing, prior art assessment and searches, development of “picket fences” and other barriers to competition, as well as overall patentability, patent valuation and probable market value. Technical services responsibilities include engineering design, prototyping, code development, and product design for a wide technology base of clients ranging from medical implanted devices to RF telemetry systems to robotic platform development to robust sensors and sensor system development for industrial, commercial, and military applications. Technical areas of expertise: Sensor and Sensor System Design including Load, Force, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Flow,Level, Displacement sensors using various technologies such as Strain, Piezo, Capacitive, Acoustic, Fiber Optic, RTD, and Electromagnetic Analog/Digital/Embedded Electronics including discrete component design,front end, RF, mixed signal, microcontrollers, interface, firmware design and coding Wireless Technology including IR, RFID,NFC, UWB, Wi-Fi, RADAR, amplifiers, filters, transceivers, antennas using FHSS, DSSS, ASK, FSK, OOK, BPSK, Bluetooth, 802.11 protocols Electronics Manufacturing including Semiconductor fabrication, deposition, etching, thin and thick film and PCB fabrication, etching, plating, thru hole