C. Matthew Curtin, CISSP Expert Witness
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  • Company: Interhack Corporation
  • Phone: (614) 545-4225
  • Fax: (614) 545-0076
  • Website: web.interhack.com

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Computers and Cybersecurity

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Data Breach, Security Incident, Information Security, Computer Science, Encryption

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Additional Information

C. Matthew Curtin, CISSP is the Founder and CEO of Interhack Corporation. Curtin is Interhack’s lead computer scientist and cybersecurity expert. Curtin has been engaged in criminal, civil, administrative, and military processes by plaintiffs, defendants, and the courts directly. His opinion has been accepted by federal and state courts throughout the country in hearings, trials, and appeals. Curtin and his team help attorneys and executives understand the meaning and context of data and how they affect business, operations, or a legal case. Curtin’s vast knowledge and experience in the field of computer science and cybersecurity enables him to convey the optimal path forward and offer an opinion within a degree of scientific certainty. Curtin’s experience in the field enables him to train his team to operate in specialized task forces organized to respond to high-stakes situations such as data breaches. Curtin's work centers on the intersection of law and technology. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit relied on Interhack's forensic computing practice and Mr. Curtin's expert opinion when it established standards for application of Federal wiretap statutes to Web technology, In re Pharmatrak Privacy Litigation (see link above). Academic references to Interhack’s work include the Stanford Law Review and university courses throughout the world. Curtin has held an academic post as Senior Lecturer at The Ohio State University's Department of Computer Science and Engineering and has guest lectured for a number of universities in the central Ohio area. Curtin regularly presents case studies and his general knowledge of computer science at conferences such as the Midwest Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Conference, the Central Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Northern Ohio Chapter of InfraGard. C. Matthew Curtin is available as a consulting or testifying expert in cybersecurity and other technical matters.