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Psychiatry and Brain Injury Medicine

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Malpractice, Personal Injury, Disability, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, testamentary capacity, competency, will contest, undue influence, NGRI, correctional, rape, Fitness for Duty, Neuropsychiatry, standard of care, suicide, IME, record review, DUI, DWI, workman's compensation, jail, prison


Psychiatry Internship, University of Kansas, Kansas City, KS; Psychiatry Residency, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX; Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship, Oregon Health Science University; Medical Review Officer, Medical Review Officers Certification Council

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Additional Information

Dr. Adhia is triple-Board-Certified in Forensic Psychiatry, Brain Injury Medicine (BIM), and Psychiatry headquartered in the Houston, testifying nationally. He is one of a few Forensic Psychiatrists who are Board-Certified in BIM. In addition to forensic/expert witness practice, he works in a renowned neuro-rehabilitation center where his focus is treating the neuropsychiatric sequelae of brain injury, concussions, stroke, and spinal cord injury. Dr. Adhia's forensic practice focuses on the psychiatric impact of personal injury, abuse, competency, testamentary capacity, toxic torts (chemical exposure, oil spill), violence, and complicating mental illness. Dr. Adhia treats patients, as a psychiatrist, who suffer from spinal cord injuries, strokes, dementia and catastrophic injuries at nationally TIRR Hermann Research Center and hospital. Previously he served as Medical Director of private Clinic. He has treated Death Row and Ad-Seg patients in correctional facilities. He has extensive expertise in psychopharmacology. Dr. Adhia is a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). He has expertise in alcohol and drug testing. He is experienced in the treatment and impact of drug and alcohol abuse and intoxication (eg DUI, DWI, DFSA). In addition, Dr. Adhia works with Physicians for Human Rights to assess kidnapping victims, human trafficking, undue influence, abuse, rape, and fear of imminent death. He assesses PTSD, Anxiety, Mood disorders, suicide risk, and malingering. Dr. Adhia has also treated psychosis (Schizophrenia) and psychopathology. Dr. Adhia’s findings consider complicating factors, such as emotional distress worsened by isolation. Other factors are pre-existing mental and physical illness, competency, and capacity (e.g. dementia, Intellectual Disability.) He performs occupational IMEs such as Fitness for Duty, WC (Workers' Comp), disability, and DBA (Defense Base Act). As a physician, he is uniquely qualified to review medical records and reports. Medical malpractice cases in which he is expert include hospitals and correctional institutions. Dr. Adhia conducts Independent Medical Examinations and reports his med-legal findings and opinions. He is available to testify in civil, criminal, probate, Federal, Immigration and military jurisdiction. He also serves as a consultant to attorneys in case merit and as a non-disclosed expert witness. In 2022, Dr. Adhia welcomed Kerry Mendes, M.D., a Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatrist, to his practice to provide serves across a greater spectrum.