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General Specialties:

Pharmacology- Clinical and Pharmaceutical Research

Keywords/Search Terms:

Forensic Pharmacology, Toxicology


MS, Howard University, College of Medicine, Dept of Pharmacology; PhD, Howard University, College of Medicine, Dept of Pharmacology

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Additional Information

I am an Associate Professor and Chair; as well as former Chair of the Medical IRB. As a forensic pharmacologist, my role is to analyze, assess, review, and support the attorney's position. I am recognized as an expert witness in pharmacology and toxicology for deposition and trial testimonies (Criminal, Civil and Military courts; both Plaintiff and Defense). My area of expertise includes a broad range of cases such as blood alcohol level (BAL), DUI, adverse drug reactions to medicines, overdose of medicines, drug interactions, and personal injury resulting from an exposure to medicines, effects from drug abuse or industrial chemicals, and induction of cancer by chemicals. I have provided written reports and in the case of a trial, I have testified to clearly explain the findings in the court. I view my role as a forensic pharmacologist involving helping the attorney in preparing a cross-examination of the expert on the opposite side.