Side Effects Expert Witnesses

Side effects expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on side effects. The side effects expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Long Term Care, Nursing Administration, Nursing Home Administration, Nursing Homes, Oncology, Pharmacist, Pharmacology, Pharmacology- Clinical, Radiation Oncology, and Toxicology.

Omar Ragab, M.D. Expedient Medicolegal Services

Washington DC, District Of Columbia
Radiation Oncology, Oncology - Chemotherapy, Cancer Treatment, Standard of Care, Complications, Radiation Injury, Side Effects, Risk Factors, Misdiagnosis, Delayed Diagnosis, Internal Radiation, Prostate Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Eye Cancer, Skin Cancer
Dr. Ragab is a premier, nationally-recognized, board-certified, and fellowship-trained radiation oncologist with additional fellowship training in brachytherapy. Dr. Ragab holds an MD degree from the University of Southern California, and completed residency training in Radiation Oncology at the LAC+USC medical center followed by a brachytherapy fellowship at UCLA. He was on faculty at USC Norris Cancer Hospital for six years, prior to transitioning to the Deparment of Veterans Affairs. He is extensively published in bench, clinical, and biopsychosocial oncologic care. He has experience in utilization review, case management, medical necessity and standard of care reviews, chart reviews, and expert witnessing in all facets of oncologic care. He holds medical licenses in California and New York.

Daniel E Buffington, PharmD, MBA, FAPhA Clinical Pharmacology Services, Inc.

Tampa, Florida
Pharmacology- Clinical, Toxicology - Autopsy, Capital Crimes, Controlled Substance, Dispensing, DUI, Dramshop, Drug Screen, Evidence, Medication Therapy Management, Pain Management, Pharmacology, Postmortem, Toxicology, Trafficking, Prescribing, Prescribing, Side Effects, Substance Use Disorders, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Dr. Buffington is the President and Practice Director at Clinical Pharmacology Services, located in Tampa, FL. He is a Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology specialist and provides medication therapy management consulting, serves as a principal investigator for Phase II and III clinical trials, and manages a national drug information service that provides clinical consulting support for medical practices, health systems, health plans, laboratories, and government agencies. Throughout his career, he has been an active member in numerous professional associations including elected leadership (American Medical Association, American Pharmacists Association, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, American College of Clinical Pharmacology, American College of Clinical Pharmacy, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, and numerous others). He is also a certified Drug Diversion Investigator (NADDI). Dr. Buffington’s practice also includes a forensic pharmacology division that supp...

Joseph S. Bertino, Pharm.D Bertino Consulting

Schenectady, New York
Pharmacology, Pharmacology- Clinical - Clinical pharmacology, toxicology, drug interactions, side effects, drug safety, drug labeling, drug-food interaction, alcoholism, drug abuse & addiction, medication errors, medication systems, lack of drug response, overdosing and underdosing.
Dr. Bertino has an extensive record of publications and clinical experience in drug therapy. He is a Diplomat, American Board of Clinical Pharmacology. Prompt, completely referenced expert service in all area of clinical pharmacology and pharmacy practice. In addition to clinical pharmacology expertise, he has substantial experience in hospital, community, nursing home, and other practice settings.

Daniel L Krinsky EduCare4U, LLC

Stow, Ohio
Pharmacist - community pharmacy, self-care, over-the-counter medications, pharmacogenomics, natural products, supplements, pharmacokinetics, community pharmacist, retail pharmacy, retail pharmacist, medication therapy management, drug or medication therapy, patient safety, medication dispensing, side effects
I've been hired as an expert witness by 12 attorneys to review cases ranging from pharmacist dispensing incorrect medications to assessing the appropriateness of medications based on patient factors. I have over 30 years' experience as an academician, teaching in 6 Colleges of Pharmacy during this timeframe, where I have educated and continue to educate future pharmacists on their roles as patient care providers, and the importance of addressing both safety and efficacy of medications. I have over 20 years of experience as a community pharmacist. Most recently, I was a community pharmacist at a large chain for a year, and prior to that at a grocery store pharmacy. In this role I was responsible for entering and checking thousands of prescriptions; evaluating DUR messages (safety issues such as potential allergy, side effect, interaction, and dosing concerns) and taking actions to prevent these; counseling patients on their medicines; conducting detailed medication reviews; and c...

Donia Mericle, RN

Hicksville, Ohio
Nursing Home Administration, Nursing Homes - Skilled nursing facility, assisted living, long term care, geriatrics, residential care facility, patient falls, restraints, restrictive interventions, director of nursing, group homes, risk management, policies and procedures, antipsychotics, side effects, emergency room, ICU, compliance, infection
Nursing Home Administrator and Award-winning Director of Nursing. Broad clinical experience includes Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing and Floor Nurse. Long Term Care, Community Hospital, Emergency Room, and ICU experience.

Dan Sullivan Med Legal Pro

Lehighton, Pennsylvania
Nursing Homes, Long Term Care - Skilled Nursing Facility, Long Term Care, Geriatrics, residential care facility, patient falls, dementia, restraints, group home, risk management, policies and procedures, antipsychotics, side effects, compliance, sepsis, pressure sores, bed sores, wound care, pressure ulcers, ulcers
Experienced Nursing Administrator. Executive Clinical Director at Rehab Facility. Former Director of Nursing.

Dodi Thompson, RN

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Long Term Care, Nursing Administration - administrator, skilled nursing facility, assisted living, long term care, geriatrics, residential care facility, patient falls, restraints, restrictive interventions, group homes, risk management, policies and procedures, antipsychotics, side effects, compliance, infection, dementia, delirium, ER
Experienced Residence Manager and Nurse Administrator in active clinical practice. Daily hands-on patient care. 9+ years at Assisted Living Facility. Adjunct Professor. Former Director of Emergency Services and Disaster Planning.