Pilot Error Expert Witnesses

Pilot error expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on pilot error. The pilot error expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Aviation & Aerospace, Human Factors, and Safety.

Bert Botta, Aviation Expert: General Aviation, Airline/Corporate Captain, ALPA Pro Stds Botta Aviation Expert

Petaluma, California
Aviation & Aerospace, Human Factors - General Aviation, Airline, Corporate Accidents, Pilot Error, CFIT, Unintended Flight in IMC, Low Altitude Accidents, Power Plant Failure, Human Factors, Flight Crew Performance, Safety Culture, Pilot Fatigue, Pilot Performance, Emotional Intelligence, Corporate Flight Crews, Flight Crew Psychology
March 20, 2023: "Our system is broken!" I'm working on my second 'wrong surface' event in less than a year! 2 aircraft line up on the same runway and collide on final approach!" In addition to Captain Botta's 35 years of Aviation Experience with a General Aviation background, as an International Airline and Corporate Pilot, he has 10 years experience in Private Practice as a former Licensed Professional Counselor and Group Leader. Aviation Expert Experience: • Wrong-surface event, current 11/22 - 3/23 • Wrongful death case, 7/22 • SEAK Expert Witness Training, 2/22 • SEAK Expert Witness Directory, 12/21 • Recent cases opined on: pilot competency, pilot incapacity, medical issues "Bert, I am pleased to report that we resolved the case yesterday with a positive (yet confidential result). The information you provided for the case allowed my clients and me to show the defense that we were worthy adversaries and knew what should have been done and what hadn’t been done in training an...

W. Dan Cerkan Balefire Safety Systems, Inc.

Carlsbad, California
Aviation & Aerospace, Safety - Helicopter, Fixed Wing, Pilot Error, Accident Investigation, Human Factors, Flight Operations, Pilot Training, Aviation Accidents, Crew Resource Management, Maintenance, Utility Aviation Safety, Helicopter Tours, Safety & Operations Audits
Vastly experienced pilot and aviation expert. Involved in over 100 accident investigations, produced numerous client specific safety management systems, consulted on aviation operations, and performed full system audits on fixed wing and rotary wing companies. Retired USMC Officer who served as U.S. Presidential Pilot for George W. Bush (HMX- 1/Marine One). Decorated combat veteran. Multiple Iraq tours including 2004 Battle of Fallujah. Master of Aeronautical Science Degree, dual concentrations in Aviation Safety Systems and Human Factors, from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Graduated with Distinction (4.0 GPA). Extensive experience in aviation operations and aircraft maintenance. Dual-rated rotary wing and fixed wing pilot with over 3,700 hours of accident free flight time. Numerous military and civilian flight credentials including ATP rotorcraft, military flight instructor, Crew Resource Management Instructor, and Night Systems Familiarization Instructor to name a few. Ext...

Ross S Sagun, ATP Sagun Aviation Consulting

Benicia, California
Aviation & Aerospace, Human Factors - Decision Making, Airline Operations, General Aviation, Training, FAR’s, Incident Investigation, Operations, Compliance, Pilot Error, Crew Performance, Pilot Fatigue, Crew Resource Management (CRM), Situational Awareness, Turbulence Injuries, Passenger Disruptions, Navigation and Communications
Highly experienced recently retired airline pilot and aviation safety representative with more than 50 years of flight experience and approximately 30,000 domestic and international flight hours in both major airline and general aviation aircraft Former air traffic controller, international air safety representative involved in aviation rulemaking, flight instructor, general aviation aircraft owner and operator FAA licensed pilot since 1972 Experienced major-airline captain for 28 years, 19 years as captain in widebody aircraft Areas of expertise include Federal Air Regulations (FAR) Part 121 airline and air traffic control operational safety issues, flight operations, standard operating procedures, regulatory and flight operations manual compliance, crew performance and coordination, cockpit-related human factors issues, crew resource management, turbulence injuries, procedural compliance, aircraft limitations, navigation and communications procedures, and best practices Extensiv...