Controlled Substances Expert Witness


Controlled substances expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on controlled substances. The controlled substances expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Addiction Medicine, Family Medicine, Forensic Science, Pharmacist, Pharmacology- Clinical, and Toxicology.

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Anthony P Morreale, Pharm.D., MBA, BCPS, FASHP Morreale Consulting

La Jolla, California
Pharmacist, Pharmacology- Clinical - Pharmacogenomics, Medication Safety, Pharmacy Management, Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacy Regulation, Pharmacy Research, Controlled Substances, Practice Standards, Internal Medicine, Prescribing Errors, Drug Interactions
Since his decades long pharmacy career began in 1983, Dr. Morreale has demonstrated his professionalism and expertise as a clinician, manager and leader in pharmacy. He has over 20 years of direct patient care experience as a clinical pharmacist in both acute and ambulatory care. In addition, he has decades of experience as a pharmacy manager, leader and executive. Dr. Morreale has been engaged as a business consultant, quality reviewer for standards of practice, and has served as an expert in medical legal cases. Dr. Morreale has expert knowledge and experience in nearly all areas of pharmacy practice including but not limited to: • Regulatory, operational and clinical pharmacy standards of practice for large health systems. • Drug absorption, metabolism, excretion, outcomes, and adverse effects of both pharmaceuticals and street drugs. • Application of patient genomics to therapeutic response and toxicities of various medications. Qualifications and Achievements *Doctor of Ph...

Jack H Raber, Pharm.D. Clinipharm Services

Seal Beach, California
Pharmacist, Pharmacology- Clinical - Pharmacy Law,Pharmacy Practice,Pharmacy Standards,Prescription Benefits,Prescription Fraud,Pharmacist Discipline,Pharmacy Malpractice,Adverse Drug Reactions,Hospital Pharmacy,Nursing Home Pharmacy,Controlled Substances,Drug Interactions
I am a pharmacist with 45 years of both practice and management experience in a variety of clinical settings. Since 1993, I have provided expert witness services and litigation support in over 150 cases throughout the country in matters specifically related to pharmacy malpractice, pharmaceuticals-related hospital and medical malpractice, prescription benefit fraud, waste, and abuse, as well as assistance in disciplinary proceedings against pharmacists and pharmacies. I have also participated in compliance audits of federally-sponsored health plans where it pertains to pharmaceutical services. I am currently an instructor in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy, University of Southern California School of Pharmacy. My areas of expertise for teaching purposes include site-specific pharmacy practice guidelines, community pharmacy risk management, hospital pharmacy risk management, prescription drug benefits, pharmacy services in skilled nursin...

Scott L. Hambleton, MD, DFASAM Hambleton Consultancy PLLC

Ridgeland, Mississippi
Addiction Medicine, Family Medicine - Improper Prescribing & Overdose Death, Buprenorphine & Methadone Treatment, Drug/Toxicology Testing, Residential and Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services, Physician Impairment & Fitness for Duty, Medical Board Licensure, Controlled Substances, Process Addictions
Thought leader on physician impairment, improper prescribing, opioid addiction and overdose death. Medical Director, Molina Healthcare, Mississippi Health Plan. Past Medical Director of the Mississippi Physician Health Program. Appointed by Governor of Mississippi to the Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Abuse. Past President of the Mississippi Society of Addiction Medicine and Distinguished Fellow in the American Society of Addiction Medicine. President-Elect Federation of State Physician Health Programs. Former Acting Executive Director of the Mississippi State Medical Association. Fellowship Trained in Addiction Medicine. Double Board Certified (Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine). Nine-plus years expert witness experience including depositions, trials and hearings before regulatory bodies. Extensive public speaking experience. Certified Medical Review Officer for Drug/Alcohol Testing (AAMRO). Areas of expertise: Outpatient & Residential Addiction Treatment Services Buprenorp...

Bethany Pridgen, MFS The DEVAUS Group, LLC

Wilmington, North Carolina
Forensic Science, Toxicology - Controlled substances, DWI, DUI, retrograde extrapolation, driving while impaired, alcohol, drunk driving, cannabis, THC, marijuana, CBD, hemp, quality assurance, ISO 17025, laboratory management, laboratory accreditation
Bethany has worked in the forensic science industry since 2005. Early in her career, she had the opportunity to open a new regional forensic science laboratory in southeastern NC. She began an 11 year journey and gained a career’s worth of experience as a laboratory director, quality assurance manager, laboratory scientist, grant writer and manager. She is a trained lead and technical assessor for ISO 17025:2017. She is extremely passionate about truth and justice and has learned that the legal system is not always fair. She has a strong desire to see people held accountable to high standards for their work when it affects the lives and freedom of others. She maintains high integrity in her work and interactions. She became very interested in the growing cannabis industry while working in the forensics world. She believes the cannabis testing industry has a lot to learn from the forensic science industry about how to self-regulate in a world where you are not regulated. She believe...