Aircraft Safety Expert Witnesses

Aircraft safety expert witnesses and consultants listed here may be able to form expert opinions, draft expert witness reports, provide expert witness testimony at deposition and/or trial as or serve as consulting (non-testifying) experts on aircraft safety. The aircraft safety expert witness listings on this page are typically from fields/areas of expertise such as: Aviation & Aerospace, Engineering, Human Factors, and Transportation.

Bert Botta, Aviation Expert: General Aviation, Airline/Corporate Captain, ALPA Pro Stds Botta Aviation Expert

Petaluma, California
Aviation & Aerospace, Human Factors - Aviation Crash, Airline & General Aviation, Flight Crew Error, Flight Training, Airplane Crash, Aviation Safety, InFlight Emergency, FAA, Maintenance Negligence, Crash Investigation, Aircraft Safety, Corporate Jet Accidents, Pilot Error, Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Loss of Control, Weather
July, 2023: My last case: "2 aircraft line up to land on the same runway and collide on final approach! 4 souls lost. FAA calls these 'wrong surface events.' The ATC system is fractured and needs fixing!" Captain Botta has 35 years of Aviation Experience as an International Airline and Corporate Jet Captain with a General Aviation background. He also has 10 years experience in Private Practice as a former Licensed Professional Counselor. Aviation Expert Experience: • Wrong-surface event, 11/22 - 3/23 • Wrongful death case, 7/22 • Other cases opined on: pilot competency, pilot incapacity, medical issues • SEAK Expert Witness Training, 2/22 • SEAK Expert Witness Directory, 12/21 "Bert, I am pleased to report that we resolved the case yesterday with a positive (yet confidential result). The information you provided for the case allowed my clients and me to show the defense that we were worthy adversaries and knew what should have been done and what hadn’t been done in training and...

Michael R. Henderson XL Aviation

Danville, California
Aviation & Aerospace, Engineering - Aircraft Accident, Aircraft Incident, Aircraft Crash, Plane Crash, Aviation Safety, General Aviation, GA, Aviation, Flight, FAA, NTSB, FSDO, AOPA, Pilot Training, Flight School, Aircraft Maintenance, Crash Forensics, Aircraft Safety, Cessna, Cirrus, Bonanza, Piper, Beechcraft, Champion, Extra, Pitts
Current Flight School & Aircraft Lease Business Owner, Physicist with over 50 years of critical problem solving experience providing General Aviation Aircraft and Pilot Training. Expert in determining the critical factors that determine all manner of aviation outcomes connecting pilot capability, training, emotional fitness, state of being and the relevant relationships between pilot, machine and environment. Inventor and builder of key technologies. Sought technical resource focused on FAA requirements, historical trends, aircraft capabilities as well as current pilot training and behavior characteristics relevant to critical performance cause and effect. Skilled and experienced in critical state of the art problem solving techniques developed for and used by NASA, Boeing, IBM, Intel, Apple and Others.....Expert Pilot & Physicist. Cause and Effect Master, Clear and Concise Reporting. Most recent cases: Desiree Horton v OCFA et al

Paul J Micale, Airline Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, MS, BA Micale Partners

Solvang, California
Aviation & Aerospace, Transportation - Airline Pilot Military Pilot Aviation Pilot Army Aviator Army Pilot Flight Operations Helicopter Pilot Aircraft Safety Risk Assessment Human Factors Crew resource management FAR 121 Pilot FAR Part 121 Pilot FAR 135 Pilot FAR Part 135 Pilot Flight safety Aircraft safety Crewmember fatigue
Paul Micale is an active airline pilot with 26 years of flight experience 13 of which are under FAR Part 121. He has over 7200 flight hours with multiple ratings. Paul is a decorated veteran being forward deployed as a combat pilot with the US Army during 7 years of active duty. His career includes continued service as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserves where he has been a pilot and commander of flight units. As a military pilot he has flown fixed and rotary wing helicopter aircraft. His education and experience emphasizes flight operations and safety. He is part of the Micale Partners team. Paul is a licensed civilian Airline Transport Pilot with type rating as Pilot in Command and is currently employed by American Eagle Airlines as a CRJ-700 Pilot and First Officer in the Canadair Regional Jet aircraft with 65 seat occupancy. He is FAA certified for CAT II instrument approaches and to fly in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) airspace. He is type rated for thi...