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Joel I Franck, MD, FAANS Joel Ira Franck MD PLLC

Clearwater, Florida
Neurological Surgery, Neuroradiology - Whiplash Injuries, CranioCervical Syndrome, Arnold-Chiari Syndrome, Cranio-Cervical-C1-C2 Instability, Migraine Headaches, Cervical Herniated Disc Disease, Brain Fog, Cervical Instability, Cervical Myelopathy, Vertebral Artery Injury, Cervical Spine Fracture, Post-Traumatic Neuro-cognitive Deficits
As a Neurological Surgeon, involved in Cervical Spinal Trauma for my entire career, I have focused interest in Cervical Whiplash Injuries and the CranioCervical Syndrome, consisting of extraordinary disabling Migraine Headaches, Brain Fog, Neck Pain, and unusual Neurological complaints. All thought to be untreatable, these symptoms can be resolved with an outpatient procedure that I developed, consisting of a posterior C1-C2 fusion and sub-Occipital craniectomy. Treating hundreds of patients from around the world and across North America, referred by Attorneys, I have become expert in the medical-legal process. I have performed over 4,500 Anterior Cervical fusions - with outstanding results. This clinical experience has molded my interest in expert testimony, participating in over 1250 depositions and 30 trials in State and Federal Courts, yielding remarkable results for my patients and the Attorney's client. Most of my experience lays with legal clients referred to me as surgica...
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