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"Just wanted to pass along that I was retained on 2 cases, within four days of being listed in the SEAK Directory."

"I've had a lot of referrals from the SEAK listing. Best thing I ever did." 

"Thank you for all the referrals I receive from SEAK. I never advertise anywhere else, SEAK keeps me busy!!"   

"I will likely gross $500k this year on SEAK work alone. I remain amazed."

The SEAK Expert Witness Directory is the #1 rated Directory in the industry, containing over 2,300 experts nationwide. If you are interested in growing your expert witness practice, join SEAK today!

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 SEAK is the #1 rated expert witness directory - join over 2,300 other experts.

 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you are unsatisfied with the directory for any reason, you have until April 1, 2023 to cancel and request and receive a Full Refund of your Standard Listing fee.  No other Directory has an offer like this. We are able to provide such a generous guarantee - because the Directory is highly successful. Limited to first time members only.


 Includes both online and print exposure:
- Our website receives over 73,000 page views each month.
     - Print directory circulated to 50,000+ law firms. You can view the print directory here.

 Your profile is posted on our website immediately after registering.

 No Middleman and no markup.
Experts deal directly with the retaining attorney.  Set your own terms and fees.

 Featured Expert Listings
These premiere National Featured Expert Witness Listings provide increased online visibility and appear at the top of all relevant searches, giving you tremendous added exposure.

 Free Personalized Directory Consultation with SEAK
SEAK, Inc. can provide you with a free consultation to review your listing and ensure that it is setup properly to be most effective for you. Here’s a short video which may help you to optimize your SEAK Directory Listing: Optimize your SEAK Directory Listing.

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What your colleagues are saying about the SEAK Directory


“I get more leads from my SEAK listing than from ALL OTHER directories - COMBINED!!!!”

“You guys are great and worth the money.” 

“The problem with you guys is you are too good! I get more work than I need from my SEAK listing.”

“I'm averaging 2-3 cases a week from your SEAK Directory. It's actually overwhelming at this point.”

“I am getting referrals from all over the country, directly related to my SEAK listing. Thank you!” 

“I am emailing to cancel my expert witness listing with SEAK. I have had so many law firms contact me for expert witness work that I have had to decline a number of them, because I have as many cases as I can handle.”


"I just received my first referral from SEAK - literally, weeks after signing on.  Thanks and I look forward to many more!"

"Since signing up for your service I have gotten about a dozen clients. You definitely have my support!"


"I have had a good (busy) year - the large majority of my cases came from SEAK- I am retained on about 50-60% of inquiries and average about 1-2 new cases per month."

“I just listed my wife (in your Directory), and she got a referral 2 days later!!  The attorney is absolutely thrilled with her and she’s scheduled to testify in a jury trial next February in Michigan! I thought I did ok when I received a referral 9 days after joining SEAK, but 2 days is amazing!”


"I just signed up yesterday, and received my first call today. I am very impressed!!"


​“The new case I got today came from SEAK. Other than [word of mouth] referrals, SEAK has become my #1 new business source!”


"I've had a lot of referrals from the listing. Best thing I ever did."


"I just have to say that I am very impressed by your services so far.  Nine days after I signed up for the SEAK directory I was retained by a law firm for my services.  Wow, very impressive!  I have already told another consultant-friend of mine to consider using SEAK as well."


"I am hoping to cancel my directory listing and take it off the internet. I am just too busy for any more work."  


"The cases come from all across the country – Maine, Florida, South Carolina, Minnesota, Washington, California and New York. All this and my only advertising is through SEAK. Not too bad I’d say." 


“I sure have appreciated all the referrals this past year...thank you very much.”


"Listing on the online SEAK expert directory was one of the best investments I ever made in moving my practice forward. I get a lot of calls. Thank you!"


"The advertising you have provided me has been highly effective.  I currently have 19 active cases."


"I will likely gross $500k this year on SEAK work alone. I remain amazed."

"The SEAK Directory is a very useful marketing tool, and I have been having to turn away business." 


"Have gotten 4 referrals from your site [in the last 2 months]." 


"I just landed a case and they found me through the SEAK directory! That is the third one this year. It really does work!"


“The SEAK directory directly generated five-figures of business in the first three months of my engagement. The single most cost-effective marketing I have found for my expert witnessing services. If you’re looking to spread the word about your services, this is the one place to go.”


“Your website has already generated quite a lot of calls for me – I get at least 3 calls per week.  I don’t know that I could handle more at this moment but might be able to if I hire someone to help!”


"I just got another case referral from the SEAK directory. Ah, money well spent. I have so much work I'm subbing some of it out to a guy I know who does good work and needs the income."


“The ad on your site has been amazing- I paid for a side banner add.  The result:  5 new cases in 2 months and 2 new requests in past week!”


"I have gotten some big legal cases, about 4, from my ad this year with SEAK, thanks."

“Just wanted to let you know that I am having great results with my ad with the SEAK Expert Witness Directory. Thank YOU!!   I ask attorneys where they are finding my info, and am often told the SEAK Directory.”

"I have lately been getting an inquiry from the directory about once a week for the last 2 months for cases to review!!!  It works to advertise with you'all (as we say in the south)!!"


"I only listed my name this morning and already have had a contact!" 


"Please cancel my listing, I have gotten busier than I can handle."


"SEAK is by far my #1 referral source, I’ve been retained in 14 cases. Approx 7 were through SEAK."


"In the 7 months I have been listed with SEAK, I have received 4 calls so far.  This exceeds the combined return of the 4 other Directories I list with.  Thank you for the great support!" 


"My SEAK ad has brought me more new referral sources than any other method I've used!"


"I am getting as many requests for expert services as I can handle (2-3 per week recently)"


"Your website has been so helpful for my business. I am busy beyond my expectations." 


"Thank you for all the referrals I receive from SEAK. I never advertise any where else, SEAK keeps me busy!!"   


"I really haven’t had to do anything other than keep my SEAK listing and I’m busier than I want to be."


“I’m receiving 2-3 referrals per month from the SEAK directory.”


"I got my first referral from the SEAK directory, a nice Will Contest case out of Naples, Florida from a law firm I’ve not worked with before. It seems your directory works pretty well, but you knew that already. My fees from this case should cover the SEAK directory charge for the next century or so."


"Thank you, Alex!  This case looks to fit perfectly with my expertise and I will get in contact with the attorney.  I am happy that I invested in listing in the SEAK directory.  I have received several inquiries and new cases as a result and my practice is flourishing!"


"I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you so much for all your guidance and having us list in your directory!  We have gotten so much work this year after we took out the listing with your company and it continues to snowball.  We now have repeat customers and new ones coming in almost weekly!  I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to grow their expert witness practice!"


"I will never let  my subscription lapse again.  My requests for new expert work decreased significantly since  I stopped subscribing with you. Its interesting how just your website has such an impact. Thank you for the service you provide."


"Thanks for the referral.  This turned into a very interesting file.  My experience is that SEAK has more positive client contacts than any other I have any experience with."


"SEAK continues to be my best source of referrals."


"I am glad to update you that since attending your training courses and upgrading my advertising to a Featured Listing on the SEAK website, I have seen increased traffic. I have been retained now by 3 separate law firms, [one of which] I am confident will lead to future work."


“Alex, thanks for the referral that you made back to me on November 20th with the law firm in Baton Rouge Louisiana, it's turned into a terrific case opportunity for me, and I just wanted to say thanks!”


"SEAK is the best!!! I have used their Directory for more than a decade."


"I thoroughly enjoyed your recent seminar in San Diego, and decided to list my services with SEAK in your directory.  That was on  January 24,and I think my listing took about a week to finalize.  Today is February 5th and I am pleased to report to you that I have been contacted three times since then (twice yesterday!) to retain my services.  I am needless to say very impressed and I have already been paid more than my annual fee for my listing." 


"I continue to be extraordinarily busy with work using only SEAK for advertising. This week I have had two referrals that I just cannot believe and relate directly to what you have been preaching to me and anyone that goes to your course.  Each referral is paying me $600/hour without batting an eye.  I have cases in Vermont, Michigan and Arkansas that I am working on now.  It truly astounds me because the only way they can find me is SEAK or word of mouth.  I am writing to you because I make a lot of money doing something you taught me over the years and the return on my investment with SEAK is supersonic. Thanks." 


"Thank you for the expert witness referral. Since I attended your SEAK course 2 summers ago on Cape Cod, I have been an Expert Witness for 18 cases!!!  I Love ending my career this way!!!  Thank you!!"


"I just got a huge malpractice case via the SEAK website.... I have already put in 25 hours X $600/hr."


"I have now reviewed over 40 cases and with help from SEAK have built a great side business."


"I have been marketing with other groups, and SEAK remains my top referral source."


"The expert witness work has come in at a steady rate. During every intake interview, the retaining counsel informs me that they found my name through the SEAK directory, confirming that that listing fee is money well spent."


"I wanted to let you know that I have received great exposure from using SEAK's expert witness directory.  I have been on the directory for less than a year and have received many phone calls."


"I signed up for the SEAK Expert Witness Directory about 8 days ago, along with 5 referral sites others that were recommended in your books more recently. Within 2-4 days I had two attorney calls. One from Alaska! They said they saw my ad on SEAK..Wow!"


"I have to tell you I am very impressed with SEAK Directory.  The exact same week you posted my info, I had a call, discussion, and agreement. The retainer came before the end of the week and therefore I signed up with SEAK, got hired, received retainer all within 5 days of you posting my info.  To get your fee back in five days is just amazing.  Investment well spent for sure.  Since that time I have had multiple calls that have worked out fine.  Obviously not every call has turned into work, but some have, and they are good cases.  I am very pleased and appreciate it very much."


"I have already had my first request from an attorney's office, one week after my [SEAK listing] was completed."


"I want to thank you again for this referral! Last week I received a retainer agreement from the attorney and then conducted a site investigation in Buffalo NY. It looks to be an interesting case! I greatly appreciate you thinking of me and connecting me up with them!"


"I usually ask new clients how they heard about us, and 4 out of 5 say the "SEAK directory"! Thank you."


“SEAK has turned out to be the best listing I have ever used. Most calls I get mention your listing as the source for the call. Thank you.”


"I am quite busy with inquiries. 2 more attorneys just called me. Thank you very much this is really fabulous."


"Just wanted to let you know, that I received 2 leads in 2 weeks from my ad in the SEAK Directory."


"Thank you for all your referrals.  Surely your directory is read by more attorneys than other directories."


"I would like to say that you have the best listing format of any of the directories I am listed in.  I have done my tabulation of directory hits for the past two years, and I do get interesting contacts from your directory, and intend to keep going with you, even when I should be retiring."


"I can't thank you enough for all that you and SEAK have done for me.  It has made me a better physician by forcing me to keep up with the literature.  And I really feel good about what I have been able to do for doctors and patients alike. Over the past few years since I started going to SEAK conferences, I have been doing about 12-16 cases a year, 50/50 plaintiff/defense, and earning $100K a year. With declining reimbursements, this has helped me immensely."


"I have not done any other advertising or marketing other than the [SEAK] directory. Just off the SEAK directory, I have been retained in Ohio, Idaho and West Virginia. Just got a call last week on a case in Kansas City, MO and waiting for attorney to send me synopsis of case - found my name in the directory. So, from my perspective, and in terms of the Gen X'ers - you guys Rock!"



"I have listed with SEAK for a year and they have introduced me to excellent attorneys, many/most of which have become repeated clients."

"I wanted to let you know how glad I am to have reconnected with your Expert Directory. Since recently reactivating my listing, I've had two new engagements, directly as a result of the online listing. Thank you."



"Just wanted to drop you a line that I have received referrals from your expert website. I have tried others, but have had no measurable success. I have two from yours. Thank you."



“Listing in your experts directory has at the minimum tripled my consulting activities, including some fascinating product liability & even criminal case experiences that I'm certain would not have otherwise come my way! I don't believe there could ever be a bigger or better bang for the buck.”



“Over the years, I found your services invaluable and the best use of my marketing dollar.”



“Please renew my listing, I list in several directories but SEAK by far produces the best results.”



“SEAK has been worthwhile, I’ve received numerous calls and cases as a result of my listing with you.”



“This has been a very profitable listing”



“The SEAK directory has probably generated 10 cases for me this past year. I appreciate the referrals from the SEAK directory- a very professional tool to inform potential clients of your qualifications and interests.”



“I just received a case as a result of my new listing in the SEAK National Directory of Experts. The retaining lawyer shared that she was a big fan of SEAK and her firm has had excellent results from all the experts they have hired from the SEAK Directory. It’s not every day we hear good news, so I thought I would pass on the fact that your SEAK National Directory of Experts is well received in the industry and is effective.”



“The referral that came from SEAK opened up a new geographic region for me and generated a lot of work.”



“I am getting great referrals from the SEAK Expert Witness Directory.”



“Last year I got about 20 cases through your SEAK Directory.”



"I have already received a couple of emails and calls asking for my services. SEAK is great!"



“We just got our second referral from your directory. Thank you!”



“I have six new clients this year so far from your Directory and one of these attorneys has given me three different cases.”



“Over the past 2 years I've received 18 referrals from my listing in the SEAK Directory."



"You have landed at least 6 good cases for me this year!"



"From your SEAK Directory, I get about 7 to 8 inquiries a year, with about 2-3 cases."



"I have received many cases through my SEAK listing this past year. A group in New York that found me in the SEAK Expert Witness Directory has sent me several cases."



"I continue to get calls from my directory listing with SEAK, Inc. as an Expert Witness. You all have exceeded my expectations. Thank you."



"I have 5 new cases since you sent out the Directory. They all said they found me in SEAK. Well done and Thanx."



"Thanks for your advise to me over the years. I have gotten several cases through your listing."



"I have had several calls after the directory was issued. I guess your methods work. You are the only company that has provided any contacts as a result of a program (Directory) like yours. Thanks."



"I continue to enjoy the many cases generated by my SEAK listing."



“I had 8 cases generated from my SEAK Directory listing last year and one already this year. Should you need a reference to other experts, let me know. Thank you.”



"I get at least 6, if not more (probably more) referrals per year from your SEAK Directory."



“I attended your SEAK training course in Naples, FL. Not only was it an exceptional training experience, but it has really jump started my work as an expert witness. Combining the course with the SEAK directory utilization has probably increased my referrals about ten-fold.”



“ I JUST GOT MY FIRST CLIENT FROM SEAK! The attorney said, “I never use expert sites but I got on the internet and you popped up right away!” The site he found was SEAK. I will keep close track of all referrals, but that was pretty amazing. Thank you for putting it all together so quickly --- I hope to have a growing, long-term relationship with SEAK. A pleasure to work with you.”



“I’d give your SEAK Experts Directory, an “A”. I’m guessing I’ve received at least 10 calls in the past 12 months.”



"I just got a substantial referral thanks to your website. Thank you."



"Your directory is the best of breed and was the only one in which I was listed."



"I have received approximately a half dozen requests for legal case reviews in the last 2 months as\ a result of my ad in The Expert Witness Directory that SEAK publishes."



"I am listed on the SEAK website and get a large number of inquiries. I have about as much work as I can handle. I will continue to use it into the future."



"Thank YOU for all the work you have sent my way"



"I advertise in many places, and yours is one of the best. Keep up the good work!”


“Thank you for forwarding the [expert witness] inquiry. I was able to connect with the law firm and lead attorney. We discussed the issues that they were facing and I have been engaged as an expert in their case. Thanks for the excellent work and the referral.”  



"I am already in contact with an inquiry that came in through SEAK.  We should have joined SEAK years ago!"


"I am very busy, thanks to SEAK.  I was out of my office for 9 days and did 7 trial, deposition and arbitration testimonies."


"I did probably 10 depos last year, I don't know the total number of cases, but I was very busy.  I only advertise with SEAK.  I am very happy.  A big thank you!"


"I received my 4th call from my SEAK listing last week – keep up the great work making it a go-to resource."


"I just landed my 132nd case. Counsel found me on the SEAK website. He said he "always finds great experts on SEAK".


“I like your Directory because the experts subscribe and their fees are not dramatically marked up like most of your competitors, plus I got a referral to a qualified expert right off the bat!  I doubt I'll ever use any competing service again.”


"Since placing my standard listing earlier this year, I've had several contacts citing the SEAK Expert Witness Directory and been hired by 3 in the past 2 months"


"SEAK remains my most cost efficient and voluminous source of referrals"


"The attorney got my name out of the SEAK directory (second person to do so within a week!)


"I just joined your experts directory last week, and your site has already brought me a potential client."


"SEAK is the only service that is cited regularly by potential clients who contact me"


"SEAK has been my best referral source other than my own website."


"I have been getting a lot of hits from your directory, and most of those hits are turning into very nice assignments."


"By the way, since I was able to get an enhanced preference listing [Featured Online Expert Listing], my referrals have dramatically increased. Thanks."  


"In the last 12 months, I have had six new referrals from your SEAK Directory, thank you."


"Thanks for the referral. I spoke with [the attorney] and possibly can assist him and his client. SEAK provides many attorney contacts and engagements to my firm." 


"I joined 2 other directories, I have only had referrals from SEAK.... The referrals seem to be "all or none" as I will get none for 1- 2 months and then 3-4 for the next 2 months....Last year I received roughly 10-12 cases. Thank you."


“I got work from 5 clients through the SEAK site - the first job paid for the listing.”

"Our attorney uses SEAK often to find qualified experts."