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Robert G Freid Contract Manufacturing Consultants, Inc.

Bothell, Washington
Manufacturing, Procurement/Purchasing - electronics, SMT, PCBA, circuit boards, contracts, agreements, EMS, contract manufacturing, NPI, quality defects, China, Southeast Asia, Mexico, IRS, transfer pricing, cost models, production, supply chain, unit demand forecast accuracy, medical devices, outsource, pricing, on-shoring, off-shoring
Since 1999, Mr. Freid has helped leading electronic device OEMs create low-cost and low risk outsource strategies and programs for printed circuit board assemblies and finished products. His work often includes in-depth audits of assembly and test processes, volumes and mix, supply chain alignment, pricing proposals, etc. of potentially suitable EMS sites in US, Mexico, China, other Asia and E. Europe. He brings unmatched first‐hand perspective of outsourcing pros and cons, deep electronics production expertise plus rigorous analytics to every engagement. His innovative case review and expert witness work is recognized by top law firms as most effective in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry. Besides outsource strategy and litigation support, other key service areas include in-house vs. outsourcing analysis (make vs. buy) and contract manufacturer M&A work including assistance with deal negotiation. Special assignments have been varied e.g., assessing to what ex...
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