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Patrick T Ronaldson, PhD University of Arizona

Tucson, Arizona
Pharmaceutical Research Expert Witness, Pharmacology- Clinical Expert Witness - Neuropharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Drug Efficacy, Drug Effects, Drug-Drug Interactions, Adverse Drug Reactions, Central Nervous System, Brain, Drugs of Abuse, Opioids, Analgesic Drugs, Prescription Drugs, Drug Toxicity
Dr. Patrick Ronaldson is a tenured Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. He is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the areas of pharmacokinetics, neuropharmacology, drug-drug interactions, adverse drug effects, and drug delivery to the brain. These expertise encompass pharmacology of both prescription and non-prescription drugs. Dr. Ronaldson has a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada) with a specific emphasis on neuropharmacology. He has published over 35 peer-reviewed research and review articles and 5 book chapters in the field of CNS pharmacology. Dr. Ronaldson is a past recipient of the New Investigator Award in Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Drug Metabolism from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) in 2011. In addition to research, Dr. Ronaldson teaches clinical pharmacology to medical students and advanced topics in pharmacology and toxicology...
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S. Russ Lehrman, PhD BioSuperior Technology, Inc.

Los Altos, California
Pharmaceutical Research Expert Witness, Pharmaceutical Regulation Expert Witness - Pharmaceutical Development, Formulation R&D, Biologics, Respiratory Therapeutics, Monoclonal Antibodies
Expert witness for 6 cases to date. Deposed in 3 of these cases. Adjunct Professor - University of Kansas - School of Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Chemistry - 1992-2013 Adjunct Professor - University of San Francisco - Department of Chemistry - 1 year 2009 SPARK Advisor - Stanford University - 2014 - present
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Robert L Copeland, MS, PhD

Washington, District Of Columbia
Pharmaceutical Research Expert Witness, Pharmacology- Clinical Expert Witness - Forensic Pharmacology, Toxicology
I am an Associate Professor and Chair; as well as Chair of the Medical IRB. As a forensic pharmacologist, my role is to analyze, assess, review, and support the attorney's position. My area of expertise includes a broad range of cases such as blood alcohol level (BAL), DUI, adverse drug reactions to medicines, overdose of medicines, drug interactions, and personal injury resulting from an exposure to medicines, effects from drug abuse or industrial chemicals, and induction of cancer by chemicals. I have provided written reports and in the case of a trial, I have testified to clearly explain the findings in the court. I view my role as a forensic pharmacologist involving helping the attorney in preparing a cross-examination of the expert on the opposite side.
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Fadi E Saba, MD

Saint Petersburg, Florida
Internal Medicine Expert Witness, Nursing Homes Expert Witness - Geriatrics, Medical Management, Skilled Nursing Facility, Post-Acute Care, Assisted Living Facility, Long-term Care, Long-term Acute Care, Hospitalist, Pharmaceutical Research, Hospital Standard of Care, Primary Care, General Practice
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Leslie S. Zun, MD

Wilmette, Illinois
Emergency Medicine Expert Witness, Psychiatry Expert Witness - Emergency Medical Services, Independent Medical Exam, Forensic Psychiatry, Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medical Toxicology, Mental Health, Medical Management, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Wound Care, Pain Medicine, Pharmaceutical Research
Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine Professor in the Psychiatry Department Chicago Medical School President, American Association for Emergency Psychiatry Practicing Emergency Physician
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Scott E Eder, MD The Center for Women's Health & Wellness, LLC

Plainsboro, New Jersey
Obstetrics & Gynecology Expert Witness, Pharmaceutical Research Expert Witness - Women's Health
Certified Physician Executive; Certified Physician Investigator; Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology; Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
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Cohen Medical Consulting

New York, New York
Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness, Pharmaceutical Research Expert Witness - Medical Negligence, Product Liability, Medical-legal Analysis, Assist Attorneys, Medication Errors, Medical Assistance, Trial Assistance, Literature, Medical & Scientific Experts, Case Analysis, Cross Examination Assistance, All aspects of case preparation for trial and settlement.
At Cohen Medical Consulting we, Michael Cohen MD PhD and Ziv Cohen MD evaluate cases of potential medical negligence and product liability. Our Company is run by experienced physicians. We have 30 years of success in helping attorneys get the best results for their clients. We have worked in the USA, in most states and also internationally. We assist lawyers and their clients to study and understand all aspects of the case which are medical scientific. We assist with finding the best most reputable experts to provide testimony in the case. All specialties of medical care are covered by our services as well as all aspects of pharmacotherapy. We collect the relevant literature and also participate in preparing written reports and opinions for use with the experts in the cases. We will work with you to narrow the issues in medical legal cases, so that standard of care violations will be organized to highlight issues of proximate cause, injuries and damages.
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Glenn D Prestwich, PhD Clear Solutions Biomedical

Salt Lake City, Utah
Chemistry & Chemicals Expert Witness, Pharmaceutical Research Expert Witness - drug discovery, natural products chemistry, termite control, organic synthesis, lipid metabolism, sterol metabolism, fatty acid, phospholipid, anti-cancer drug, cholesterol, hyaluronic acid, polymers, insect pheromone, hormone biochemistry, biomaterials, regenerative medicine, intellectual property
Expert in organic synthesis, natural products chemistry, mechanistic enzymology, pest control agents, termite biology, insect and mammalian pheromone biochemistry, insect hormone biochemistry, mammalian and insect steroid metabolism, and photoaffinity labeling and intracellular visualization. Chemical biology of phosphoinositide and lysophosphatidic acid signaling; the chemistry of hyaluronic acid and development of hyaluronic acid derived biomaterials for wound repair, cell culture, tissue engineering. Discovery of anti-cancer, cholesterol-lowering, and anti-inflammatory drugs.
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