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Matthew E Karlovsky, MD FACS Urology & Mesh Medical Consulting, PLLC

Paradise Valley, Arizona
Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness, Urology & Urological Surgery Expert Witness - Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery, Pelvic/Vaginal Mesh Complications, Urogynecology, Bladder Injury, General Urology, Bladder/Vaginal Prolapse, pelvic pain, mesh pain, urology mesh, Interstim, Trauma and Injury to the Urinary Tract & Genitals, Urology, Sexual Injury, Catheter injury
Matthew E. Karlovsky, M.D. F.A.C.S. is double board certified in Urology as well as in Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery, by the American Board of Urology, a distinction held by very few urologists in the United States. He is fellowship trained in "Female Urology", (what used to be termed "Urogynecology") Neurourology & Prosthetics and has been in private practice in Phoenix, AZ since 2005. Dr. Karlovsky has reviewed medmal for Plaintiff, Defense, national Insurance carriers, pelvic mesh and MDL cases, sexual/genital injury, personal injury/MVA, criminal, catheter and device complications. ***Up to 30 minutes phone call free initial consultation.*** ***Reports/Depo and Trial testimony/IMEs*** ​ Some Credentials: Faculty Physician, University of Arizona, School of Medicine, Phoenix Campus Outside Medical Consultant - Arizona Medical Board: urology and urogynecology cases Vice Chairman, Department of Surgery, Chandler Regional Medical Center, reviewing surgical...
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Chasby Sacks, M.D., C.I.M.E., M.B. B.Ch., F.A.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. Medico Legal Consultants of Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona
Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness, Plastic Surgery Expert Witness - Breast Augmentation, Reduction and Mastopexy Facelifts, Blepharoplasty, Cosmetic Surgery, Abdominoplasty, Calf Augmentation, Liposuction, Burns
37 years experience in Surgery and Medicine. Pioneer of Liposuction in Arizona Educator and speaker to international groups of Physicians. Author of textbook Chapter. Author of published articles. Medico legal case reviewer. Board Certified by American Board of Independent Medical Examiners Examiner for American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Board of Trustees of American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Past Board of Trustees Member American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Founding ex-President of Arizona Society of Cosmetic Surgery.
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Sendhil Krishnan, MD, FACC, FSCAI

TUSTIN, California
Cardiovascular Disease Expert Witness, Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness - Interventional Cardiology, Endovascular Medicine, Vascular Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, Arrhythmia; Atrial Fibrillation; Pacemaker; Sudden Death; Cardiac arrest; Defibrillators; Syncope, Congestive Heart Failure, Myocardial infarction, PTCA, Angioplasty, Stent, Malpractice, aortic, mitral valve.
Dr. Sendhil Krishnan has provided expert witness and IME services for over 10 years and is experienced in everything from case review to court testimony in over a dozen cases. He is a well-regarded interventional and general cardiologist with over 15 years of clinical practice and has held numerous leadership positions, speaking arrangements, and publications in the field of cardiovascular diseases. His expertise extends from interventional cases (catherization, angioplasty, stents...etc) to peripheral endovascular interventions) and all aspects of the latest pacemaker and minimally invasive surgical technologies. Dr. Krishnan is committed to delivering unbiased, timely reports based on evidence based medicine and integrity. His preparation, meticulous attention to detail, and anticipation of opposing counsel's arguments allows him to be well prepared and composed during depositions or trial.
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Stanley J. Majcher, MD, FACP Stanley J. Majcher, MD Inc.

West Covina, California
Internal Medicine Expert Witness, Occupational Medicine Expert Witness - Asbestos Disability Evaluation, Medical Legal Evaluations
45 years in medical legal evaluations
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Pei H. Nie, MD Dr. Pei H. Nie, MD

Los Angeles, California
Psychiatry Expert Witness, Geriatric Psychiatry Expert Witness - Independent Medical Examinations, Expert Witness, Long Term Care, Medical Management, Medical Legal Evaluations, Mental Health, Neuropsychiatry, Testamentary Capacity Evaluations, Disability Utilization Review, Neurocognitive Dementia Disorders
Dr. Pei H. Nie is a board-certified Geriatric Psychiatrist with diverse experience in clinical, academic, administrative and business development settings. She has practiced in most if not all possible settings, including: inpatient, outpatient, consultation-liaison, nursing homes, forensics, home visits, and telemedicine. Her experience and passion for mental health advances her interests in developing mental health programs, cultivating quality control structures, and progressing behavioral health education. She is now the lead clinical administrator one of the country’s largest telepsychiatry companies focused on expanding access to mental health service and treatment. She is a faculty attending physician at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and Kaweah Delta Health Care District residency training programs. In the subjects of neurocognitive disorders and women in healthcare, she has published in two academic textbooks. She is a public speaker for educational events in the...
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Galina V. Nikolskaya, MD GNQNC.Inc

Harbor city, California
Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness, Neurology Expert Witness - Traumatic brain injury, anoxic brain injury, concussions, post concussive syndrome, headache, migraines, seizures, stroke, dementia, trigeminal neuralgia, tremors, parkinson's, spinal cord injury, nerve injury, muscle injury, neurological disability, medical malpractice, expert witness in neurology.
Neurologist at Harbor-UCLA. Active Private Group Practice. Experienced in med legal evaluations. Testified as an expert at trials. Traumatic Brain Injury Specialist. Recognized as Top 1 Neurologist in the Orange County during HealthTap Spring Best Doctor Competition in 2017 and noted as America’s Top Physicians 2017 by Consumer’s Research Council of America. Special focus: neurological injury, nerve and spinal cord injuries, stroke, traumatic brain injury, concussion, post concussion syndrome, seizures, Parkinson’s, tremors, multiple sclerosis, migraines, post traumatic headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, glossopharyngeal neuralgia. Dual-board certified in Neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and in Clinical Neurophysiology by the American Board of Medical Specialties.Neurologist at Harbor-UCLA, where teaches residents. In active large private group neurology practice. Has published on traumatic brain injury in a Journal of Biological Psychiatry when co-authored...
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Edson O. Parker, MD

Ocala, Florida
Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness, Pain Management - Medicine Expert Witness - Interventional Pain Medicine, Spinal Injections, Spinal Cord Stimulators, Spinal Infusion Pumps, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Complications from Injections/ Invasive Procedures, Spinal Injuries, RSD, CRPS, Evaluation of Death from Opiate/Narcotic Intoxication, Medical-Legal Accident Records Review
Board Certifications current in both Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Over 30 years clinical experience. Extensive experience in all aspects of Pain Medicine, from medication management to very invasive procedures. Experienced in performing case reviews and depositions in a thoughtful and thorough manner. Published multiple articles. Experienced lecturer and teacher. Currently semi-retired, but still actively licensed in 4 states (CA, NV, GA, FL). CV available on request.
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David A. Fetter, MD, FAAOS, FIAIME, CEDIR Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Injury Center, Ltd.

Waukegan, Illinois
Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness, Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness - Causation Complex Orthopedic Cases, Medical File Review, Contributor Lower Extremity AMA Guides Causation of Disease and Injury, Second Edition, 2014, Faculty American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluators, 40+ years Experience, Active Practice
CERTIFICATIONS: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, Certification in Evaluation of Disability and Impairment Rating, International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluators, (formerly American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians). QUALIFICATIONS: Fellow American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluators, Member American Medical Association, Mid-American Orthopaedic Society, Illinois Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Illinois State Medical Society, Lake County Medical Society (President 1996), Maricopa County Medical Society, Illinois License #036-057645, Wisconsin License #38694, Arizona License #28612, Orthopedic Consultant to the City of Chicago, and U.S. Department of Justice, CAUSATION of Complex Orthopedic Cases, 40+ years of Experience, Actively Practicing Orthopedic Surgeon.
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Richard A Hahn, MD, FACC FACP FCCP

Indianapolis, Indiana
Cardiovascular Disease Expert Witness, Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness - coronary artery disease, heart attack/ MI, rhythm disturbances/ arrhythmias, blood clots/ DVT/ PE, anticoagulation, high blood pressure/ hypertension, high blood cholesterol/ hyperlipidemia, EKG/ ECG/ electrocardiogram, stents/ PCI/ angioplasty, coronary artery bypass surgery/ CABG, heart disease
I enjoy performing detailed work, especially reviewing patient charts for medicolegal consultations. I have worked with both defense and plaintiff law firms, and have usually been successful in helping cases be settled rather than go to court. My clinical responsibilities included complex inpatient and outpatient care; daily CCU, ICU, and ER interactions; medical director oversight of the cardiac rehabilitation program (and formerly of the Congestive Heart Failure/ Healthy Hearts Clinic); and invasive procedures in the cardiac catheterization laboratory.
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Jeana J Lee, MD Tristate Orthopaedic Surgeons, Inc.

Evansville, Indiana
Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness, Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness - Shoulder, Knee, Hip Replacement, Arthroscopic Surgery, Worker's Compensation, Causation Analysis, IMEs, Medical Malpractice Expert Witness, Medical/Legal Chart Reviews, Trauma, Expert Witness, Causation, Personal Injury
Active, board-certified general orthopedic surgeon with 19+ years experience in treating worker’s compensation patients, performing joints replacements, arthroscopic surgery, orthopedic trauma care, IME’s, medical reviews, peer review, causation analysis, depositions and expert witness testimony. 500+ IME’s. Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. SEAK and ADEP trained. Experienced Expert Witness providing consulting, reports, testimony at deposition and trial.
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Cohen Medical Consulting

New York, New York
Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness, Pharmaceutical Research Expert Witness - Medical Negligence, Product Liability, Medical-legal Analysis, Assist Attorneys, Medication Errors, Medical Assistance, Trial Assistance, Literature, Medical & Scientific Experts, Case Analysis, Cross Examination Assistance, All aspects of case preparation for trial and settlement.
At Cohen Medical Consulting we, Michael Cohen MD PhD and Ziv Cohen MD evaluate cases of potential medical negligence and product liability. Our Company is run by experienced physicians. We have 30 years of success in helping attorneys get the best results for their clients. We have worked in the USA, in most states and also internationally. We assist lawyers and their clients to study and understand all aspects of the case which are medical scientific. We assist with finding the best most reputable experts to provide testimony in the case. All specialties of medical care are covered by our services as well as all aspects of pharmacotherapy. We collect the relevant literature and also participate in preparing written reports and opinions for use with the experts in the cases. We will work with you to narrow the issues in medical legal cases, so that standard of care violations will be organized to highlight issues of proximate cause, injuries and damages.
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Herschel Lessin, MD The Children's Medical Group, PLLC

Poughkeepsie, New York
Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness, Pediatrics Expert Witness - General pediatrics, General Pediatric care, Pediatric Standard of Care, Pediatric expert, Community pediatrics
Dr. Herschel Lessin has been a full-time practicing Pediatrician since 1982 and has served as an expert witness in Pediatric malpractice litigation since 1987, working for both plaintiff and defense. Trained at Stanford and Yale, Dr. Lessin has experience in case review as well as both deposition and trial testimony. He a founding member and Vice President of one of the larger single specialty Pediatric practices in the United States, The Children's Medical Group, PLLC, with 9 offices and 24 practitioners in NY's Hudson Valley. His practice includes children from birth through college. Dr. Lessin is active on a national policy level, having been co-lead author on several American Academy of Pediatrics policy statements and technical reports, as well as being a member of the authoring committee on several others. He reviews a majority of AAP policy statements making comments for possible revision as needed. Dr Lessin provides honest opinions based solely on the facts of the case m...
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Sarah G Bodin, MD Ethos Medicolegal Consulting of the Triad

Winston Salem, North Carolina
Anesthesiology Expert Witness, Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness - Perioperative Medicine
20 years post-residency clinical experience in operating room Anesthesiology, Level 1 trauma center practice, Preoperative Assessment, outpatient and inpatient Anesthesiology, Anesthesia for endoscopy. Excellent writing and analytic skills. References available.
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Paul Herman, PhD, LPC Allegheny Psychological & Counseling Services

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness, Substance Abuse Expert Witness - Forensic Addiction Evaluations, Document Review, Addiction Evaluation, Forensic Addiction, Custody-related Evaluations, Substance Abuse Assessments, Substance Dependence, Second Opinion Evaluations, Expert Witness related to Substance Abuse Evaluation / Recommendation / Treatment.
Dr. Paul Herman - has worked in the fields of mental health and substance abuse for 20+ years. Currently in private practice, and co-founder of Allegheny Psychological & Counseling Services. Conducts comprehensive forensic substance abuse evaluations in areas where addiction issues intersect with the law. These include child custody cases, DUI/DWI, and other criminal matters. Offers expert opinion regarding past substance abuse evaluation, recommendation, and treatment. Also conducts document reviews in addiction-related cases, assisting in determining culpability, history/onset of addictive disorders, and appropriateness of treatment. Multiple Board Certifications. Credentials appear below. -- Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Pennsylvania. #PC001261 -- Certified Addiction/Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CAC/CAADC), PCB. #7452 -- Advanced Drug & Alcohol Counselor Diplomate (ICAADC), IC&RC. #205984 -- Co-Occurring Disorders Professional (CCDP), PCB. #6102 -- CCDP Diplomate,...
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Robert B Sklaroff, MD Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Internal Medicine Expert Witness, Oncology Expert Witness - Medical Legal Evaluations, Legal Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Medical Management, Independent Medical Examinations, Disability Evaluation, Toxicology, Nurse, Pharmacology-Clinical, Public Health, Hospitalist, Health Informatics
I have prepared reports for both Defense and Plaintiff attorneys; I have worked with insurers. I attempt to provide "disinterested" reviews by articulating the only school-of-thought that befits the database; my perennial focus has been on tobacco abuse. I completed Oncology/Hematology Fellowships at Sloan-Kettering and Hahnemann; I have been in continuous solo-practice since 1981. I was President of a Medical Staff and, thus, am familiar with the JCAHO system; I was deeply involved in Organized Medicine for 20 years and, thus, am familiar with policies generated by professional entities. I have scrutinized the law and how it influences medical and administrative procedures; the interface between law and medicine continues to fascinate.
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John G. Steel, MD, FAAN

Williamsburg, Virginia
Medical Legal Evaluations Expert Witness, Neurology Expert Witness - Head trauma, Stroke, Headache, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, cognitive impairment, peripheral neuropathy, dementia, memory loss, behavioral neurology
I have consulted on over 50 cases in the past 25 years, including cases involving Multiple Sclerosis, head injury, spine injury, radiculopathy, cognitive impairment, medication toxicity, stroke, anoxic brain injury, Parkinson's disease, and malingering. I am a clinical neurologist with excellent training, and I interact well with attorneys. My strengths are good communication, good rapport, and good knowledge of the subject material. I render fair, unbiased opinions and see myself as an educator to benefit the jury and the Court. I am licensed in NC; no malpractice or disciplinary issues. Call, e-mail or text for free initial consultation. Download the attached CV and case list for more information.
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