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Jeffrey A Danziger, MD Psychiatric Affiliates PA

Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness, Psychiatry Expert Witness - will contests, undue influence, contested wills, testamentary capacity, dementia, capacity, forensic psychiatry, psychiatry
I am a forensic psychiatrist practicing in the Orlando, Florida area, and have been retained in numerous criminal cases over the years, and well as civil cases in the areas of personal injury, malpractice, employment litigation, and family law. I have been involved as an expert in various probate cases, including guardianship issues and testamentary capacity cases. I have been retained by attorneys for both the plaintiff and defense in civil cases over my years of practice, and by the state and defense in criminal cases. I am board certified by the ABPN in psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, and geriatric psychiatry. I have a particular interest in matters pertaining to competency in all settings, be they criminal or civil, and the issues of whether one's mental state renders them able to make a specific decision or carry out a specified act. My first testimony ever in a courtroom involved a disputed 16 million will in 1988, and I have had subsequent experience...
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Alton Williams, MD, JD

Durham, North Carolina
Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness, Psychiatry Expert Witness - PTSD, Will Contest, Competency to stand trial, Capacity, Fitness for Duty, Mental Health, Disability, Insanity, IME, Correctional psychiatry, Involuntary, Competency
By way of further background, I graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science, and later studied medicine at Yale University. Seeking to complement my medical degree with formal legal training, I then earned a J.D. from the University of North Carolina. Thereafter, I completed psychiatry residency training at Massachusetts General Hospital. Drawing on my medical and legal expertise, I later accepted a fellowship in forensic psychiatry at Harvard, based primarily at Massachusetts General Hospital. Board-certified in both general and forensic psychiatry. I have experience testifying in state and federal courts. In addition I perform record reviews and draft opinions regarding mental health disability. Working in diverse settings, from major teaching hospitals to correctional facilities and large law firms, I have developed critical diagnostic, evaluative and writing skills. For example, I am highly experienced in reviewing files, preparing rep...
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