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Matthew Madaus

Orinda, California
Mental Health Expert Witness, Behavioral and Social Sciences Expert Witness - Children's Mental Health, Residential Treatment, Behavioral Health, Foster Care, Group Home, Outpatient Mental Health, Wraparound, Transition Age Youth, Pediatric Mental Health, Children's Behavioral Health, Substance Use Treatment
I am a behavioral health executive and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have over 30 years of experience designing, implementing, and leading mental health and social service programs. I have extensive experience with a wide range of service types and treatment environments. As a former CEO and COO, I have strong strategic, clinical, operational, financial, and leadership acumen and an advanced understanding of regulations, best practices, and national accreditation standards (both COA and Joint Commission). I have particular expertise with residential treatment, children's mental health, and child welfare services. I have been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants and have experience providing expert witness affidavits, reports, and testimony in multiple states.

Lynne Weber, Ph.D. Duff & Phelps, LLC

East Palo Alto, California
Behavioral and Social Sciences Expert Witness, Statistics Expert Witness - market research, survey, survey research, sales forecasting, market share, econometrics, pricing, financial projections, apportionment, patent litigation, false advertising, trade secret
Dr. Weber has more than 30 years of real-world experience in market research surveys, market analysis, statistics, econometrics, sales & share forecasts, data analytics, pricing, and financial projections. She has led more than 200 engagements involving analysis of marketing, pricing, product development, product design, product line, distribution channel, bundling, partnering, segmentation, advertising, customer satisfaction and/or business strategies. She has led more than 200 market research studies, measuring demand for products & features, price sensitivity, inertia, brand value, feature value, usage of features and consumables, attitudes, behaviors, response to messaging, and/or perceptions. She has experience with statistical analyses and data analyses performed for a wide variety of business purposes. Dr. Weber has served as an expert on patent, contract, false advertising, trademark, anti-trust, product liability and shareholder disputes, regarding: projections of lost sa...

Mark Goldstein, PhD Mark L. Goldstein, PhD & Associates

Northbrook, Illinois
Forensic Psychology Expert Witness, Behavioral and Social Sciences Expert Witness - Child Custody, Child Abuse, child Sexual Abuse, Juvenile Evaluations, Social Security Disability Evaluations, Anxiety Disorders, Psychological Evaluations
Court appointed expert in child custody, child abuse or juvenile evaluations over 1100 times in 15 countries in Illinois and in 4 other states. Has testified over 100 times.

George C. Klein, PhD Oakton Community College

Northbrook, Illinois
Police Practices & Procedures Expert Witness, Behavioral and Social Sciences Expert Witness - Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Mentally Ill, Police, Police Apprehension of the Mentally Ill, Police Policies and Procedures, Crisis Intervention Teams, Jail Suicide.
George C. Klein, PhD is an expert on police apprehension of the mentally ill. He was a part-time police officer for over eight years and was a consultant to the Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI Academy for 13 years. He is a trained hostage negotiator and served with a SWAT team. In 2009 he published a book entitled, Law And The Disordered: An Exploration In Mental Health, Law and Politics. The book is an examination of the mental health and criminal justice system in Illinois. It includes fieldwork on police apprehension of the mentally ill, hospital emergency rooms, jails, and the homeless mentally ill. George Klein has worked on a number of cases as an expert witness regarding police use of excessive force and jail suicide. He is currently working on a book on the "militarization of the police" (including Ferguson, MO.) He retired from Oakton College in 2014. He was a Professor for 43 years. He is now a Professor,emeritus in Sociology /Anthropology at Oakton Com...

J. Harold Berberick, EdD Behavioral Health Strategies, Inc.

Foxboro, Massachusetts
Behavioral and Social Sciences Expert Witness - Developmental Disabilities, Mental Retardation, Behavioral Health, Outpatient Mental Health, Inpatient Mental Health, Group Homes, Residential Treatment, Mental Health Standards of Care, Health Maintence Organizations, Mental Health Malpractice, Mental Health Wrongful Death, Managed Care
Dr. Berberick is Board Certified in Health Care Management. He has over 35 years of experience as a Sr. Manager in the fields of Mental Health, Community Mental Health, Managed Care and Mental Retardation. He has managed large systems of care and his expertise is especially in inpatient and outpatient treatment and all forms of mental health treatment in community settings.

Beverly J. Paschal, PhD Bev Paschal Therapy

Reno, Nevada
Family Loss Expert Witness, Mental Health Expert Witness - PTSD, Family Loss, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Psychology
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