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  • Company: Occupational & Environmental Medicine
  • Phone: 775-345-1407
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Occupational Medicine and Internal Medicine

Specialty Focus: chemical exposure, environmental health, epidemiology, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, inhalation injury,lead, occupational disease, toxicology, OSHA, noise, workers' compensation

Education: BA, Princeton University; MD, Harvard Medical School; Internal Medicine Residency, Rhode Island Hosptial / Brown Univ. School of Medicine; Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency; Master of Public Health, New Jersey Medical School / Rutgers University

Years in Practice: 25

Additional Information

My expertise is the diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and causation determination of diseases or undiagnosed conditions related to known or suspected, acute or chronic exposures to chemical, biological, and physical agents in the workplace, public places, home or other environment. I am qualified and experienced not only in the clinical evaluation of individuals, but also the epidemiological investigation of groups of similarly exposed and/or ill individuals. Examples of expert and clinical experience/expertise: Heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury), gases (carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide), particulates (silica, asbestos), bioaerosols (mold, sewage), inorganics (HF, chlorine), organics (pesticides, solvents, isocyanates, fluoropolymers), physical (noise, radiation), occupations (welding, spray painting, machinists, firefighters); occupational cancer; acute inhalation injuries, unidentified agents and conditions; public health investigations (indoor air /sick building; workplace disease or exposure outbreak; environmental pollution; and hazardous waste sites). -Rigorous training and experience in Internal Medicine enables me to recognize, diagnose, and differentiate occupational vs. non-occupational (or environmental) conditions, including pre-existing conditions or risk factors. -Occupational Medicine/Public Health training and expertise in: Toxicology, Industrial Hygiene, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Risk Assessment. -Direct patient care practice includes work-up and treatment of occupational diseases; IMEs, consultations and second opinions; medical surveillance examinations,biological monitoring data analysis, audiograms, respirator examinations. -Assistant Clinical Professor, UCSF School of Medicine. -Extensive knowledge and experience with OSHA, MSHA and other regulations. -Regularly conduct workplace and environmental site visits and interpret IH/sampling data. -Unbiased, thorough, consistent reports and testimony