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Pain Management - Medicine and Addiction Medicine

Specialty Focus:

Buprenorphine, Opioid dependence, Addiction, Overdose, Pain, Withdrawal, Medical Board, DEA, Malpractice, Pain Management, Interventional, Chemical Dependency, Rehabilitation center misdiagnosis, errors in addiction treatment, complications of interventional pain procedures, improper interventions



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Additional Information

Until 4/1/2022 I was the Chief Medical Officer at Urgent Point Health & Wellness, P.C. in Los Angeles, where I supervised physicians and Nurse Practitioners who were evaluating and instituted treatment of Addiction to Opioids, Alcohol, Methamphetamine, Marijuana, club drugs, Cocaine, Nicortine, Vaping, and medical issues like chronic pain, and chronic disease management. Certified in Pain Medicine, Addiction Medicine, and Family Medicine, Consultant to the DEA, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Los Angeles County District Attorney, as well as for private attorneys providing expertise to both plaintiffs and defendants. Expertise in writing formal clinical analysis / reports regarding patient medical care and utilization, experience testifying at depositions and in the courtroom at trials. Cases involving drug overdoses, general medical care, and inappropriate physician prescribing of opioid medications. I have provided testimony on behalf of plaintiffs and testimony in defense of physicians accused by their patients or state medical boards. Expertise in Utilization Review, I am able to determine appropriateness of care by Pain, Addiction, and primary care providers. Expertise in clinical guidelines and pain management procedures. I have 37 years of expertise in inpatient and outpatient care, surgical assisting, utilization review, and every aspect of medicine. I see all sides of clinical issues and direct my focus and expertise on the medical/legal issues of concern. Graduate of UCLA medical school and Stanford University. Many Americans undergo surgeries such as total joint replacements, cervical and lumbar spine fusions, and many other risky procedures without having followed guidelines. I have expertise in appropriate treatment of addiction management on admission resulting in death or complications. Rehab facilities often are not supervised by qualified medical directors resulting in inadequate and/or inappropriate treatment of acute and chronic addictive disorders. Expert in SAMHSA, ASAM, CDC GUIDELINES, and FEDERATION OF STATE MEDICAL BOARD RECOMMENDATIONS. Expert in every aspect of pain, addiction, interventional pain, surgical and general medical conditions. Evaluation of wrongful death and/or malpractice requires physicians with broad understanding of appropriate treatment across all specialties of medicine. Addiction, pain, and behavioral health disorders are present in all specialties of medicine and a thorough review of medical management and inpatient / outpatient medical chart reviews is of utmost importance. Dr. Chavez has 40 years of experience in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Pain Medicine, Addiction Medicine, and general Behavioral Health disorders. Dr. Chavez has treated patients suffering with chronic pain and addictive disorders inpatient and outpatient. He has written guidelines for utilization review and management utilizing pain interventional therapies. Dr. Chavez has experience in pharmaco therapy and the proper use of medications treating addiction and chronic pain. Often Surgeons operate based on “ an abnormality on MRI" but if neurologic and clinical findings do not match the level of specific nerve impingement, pursuing surgery could be a mistake. 50% of all orthopedic surgeries may be unnecessary. A thorough review can mean the difference between moving forward or rejection. Expertise defending physicians in front of State Medical Boards of California, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, and New Hampshire.